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  • If U Do Finally receive the pics, the 1st one of me w/Steven was taken before I lost 45lbs. but the 2nd taken 3/26/09 is what I look like now after loosing 45lbs. I LoVE the Beach in Gulfport/Biloxi Mississippi & out @Ship Island!!!

    Love Stacey
    I resent the pictures to you, just now and then after sending them to myself, forwarded them to you from my mail box... Maybe that Forward one will work. Let me know if you get them...Do you have a heedach now that could be in the guenis book of world records for the longest headach experinece...? LOL! Sorry...will keep trying...Just sent them a few minutes ago.

    Love Stacey
    Sorry about that! Don't know why they will not go through but "Fort Knox Picture Share" will get a few choice words out of me, LOL!....Keep Smiling... Eventually I will get them through! Love Stacey
    Wow! You are from Scottland! Beautiful Country! So, where are pictures of you and scottland? Would love to see pictures of the countryside, near the Ocean! I bet is is breath taking!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Good Morning Craig! I'm trying to copy a picture from my desktop, I pasted there from My Kodak Easy Share file, to my album on here. It will not let me. Do you know how I can post it? It's of me with Steven, from July 10,2008. Easy Share should be renamed to "Fort Knox Share" LOL!
    Hello Greag, i thank you very much for sent me my Birthday whisses today ,,,to day is my day and i gone sebrate that very good,thank you.
    Lovely xxx .
    Sharon, I just noticed your note on Craig's page and I am butting in. Generally you cannot post to some parts of the forum as they are restricted to Administrators or selected individuals - If you have a question it is best posted on one of the general threads or the off topic section of the forum. On the Run, I believe was filmed in New Mexico. As to where "the Man" is at any given time is anyone's guess. We do our best to keep up with him but there are always security issues to deal with and we end up with 'after the fact' information.

    Welcome to the site and have fun among us.....
    HI there

    I cannot post a thread though unsure why at the moment, but you maybe could answer my question?

    Please can you tell me where the film On The Run is being filmed please and where Steven Seagal is in the world at the moment


    hi Craig, I'd like to reply to under siege 3 posts of mystery mom, but system doesn't allow msg through.? As I got an email just in
    this subject and this coincidence is so funny. Let's have a look: Subject: Steven

    Upon hearing about the American ship that was hijacked today by Somalia, then to hear the crew took the ship back, it sounds way too much like a Steven Segal movie. Since it would be a true story, I wish SG would buy the rights to this one, about the cargo ship carrying relief supplies. After all, there's a side story about one ship member being or having been trained in piracy tactics and his dad taught the class. Wow!

    Isn't it? Now, Mr Steven seagal should do something about this!!!
    xxx Kat
    Hi Craig,
    your screensaver with Steven is fantastic! Thank you and grats. I checked it out and was not aware it has been downloaded at same time. It was funny when once I heard this beautiful music and Steven turned up on my screen...thanks anyway,you made me really happy xxx Katalin
    Hi Craig! I'm getting ready to sign off now but wanted to say hi, since I saw you on here at the same time as me. How are you? Well I pray!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hi Greag.
    I whis you good luck and very mutch sucses ,this is your day today and i sent all my kisses xxxxxx to you and i hope that you celebrate very good today and i whis you Greag.
    agreat day to you.
    ,,,HAPPY BIRTHDAY,, to you .


    Today I was able to pull up this site and log in, but it wouldn't let me post or pull up any threads/posts. I couldn't even pull up my own page.

    I logged out, but the forum didn't log me out. Then it let me post. Strange I think.

    Thanks for listening anyway.:)
    Very strange Anneliese and Mystery Mom, the site was online ok for me yesterday and day before. Maybe a DNS issue between the host and yourselves.

    [edit]Myst > Post worked ok first time.

    Have a good new year. :)

    I am having problems too.

    Since sunday night this site has been down most of the time. I am realy surprised I could get on it tonight!!

    Have a good start into the "New Year" and may only good things come your way!!:)
    Craig, this program is having problems - when I go to post a message on a profile - like this one- it hangs and I finally give up waiting and hit the 'stop' icon on the browser. When it 'stops' the post is in the profile and still in the message box waiting to be posted. I think there are deeper problems with the site than appear on the surface. Plus it was down completely from some time on Sunday until mid afternoon yesterday EST.
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