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  • Hi Craig, just stopping by to tell you "THANKS" for everything you do!!

    And a BIG THANKS for giving each member their own page!!:)
    Hi Craig - just poppin' by to say Hi!! Hope everything is well with you. We have soooo much rain over here in Ireland that I am beginning to get rusty !!!! Have you seen the trailer of Ruslan, that Littledragon uploaded - oh sooooooo gooood !!! See you around. Coleen
    Groovey, I can get right on that mate. I also have two wallpapers done but I dont know how to get them loaded for people. Any ideas???
    Craig, Is there any way you could create an Aikido screensaver using either clips from big papas films and some of Suzi's photos? that would be awsome and really cool for me being an aikidoka. Cheers mate, hope the weather is ok update there in Scotland
    Hi Craig! How are you today? Did you get my email? let me know if you want me to send you any pictures I took at the NOLA concert, to post on here. I would send the one with me and Steven, but I forgot to ask S.... if it would be alright to do so, before I left..... Thanks, and hope you have a blessed day! Thanks so much for having this web site because it is truely a Blessing!!!!! More than you could ever know!

    Love Your Sister,
    Eagle/Stacey D. COX rice
    Hello Graig Robertson.
    This is lutje,i want you the thank you
    for acept me on this site,this is a wonderfull fantastic site,
    and i thank the fans olso to on this site the acept me olsoto.
    take sensei.
    halkush > Thanks. :) If you need further help just ask.

    tigerfeet > Yes that is ok, think i got an email from you that i replied too.
    Dear Craig,
    I want to add you on my list of friends. i would like to thank you for all the hard work you have done and are still doing on this site.
    sometimes I don't understand the technical things you post about becuase i am computer challenged but would it be alright to ask questions even if they seem silly and simple?
    this way i could learn more about how to effecdtively use the site.
    Hi Craig: I messaged t his to Mama San & she said it would have to be either Ok'd or deep-sixed by you...

    I am going to print up a "this is a happy face" T shirt ( pic of Steven with the words: "See this face? This is a happy face) just for myself, and I was wondering whether or not it would be OK for me to put something like, "Visit the Unofficial Steven Seagal Website:!"
    If it is not OK I don't mind, but I just though maybe it would be a bit of free advertising!
    Could you post an answer on my visitor messages?
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