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  • Hi Craig thanks for those new pics ..wanted to change my avatar
    and came across them thanks..but if you didnt thanks to whom ever did..(: (:
    Thank you Greag,than i sent my friend back a emael,and i thank you for gif me that information.
    Hi Greag ,i have news abauth Steven Seagal.
    Friday 30 october,Steven Seagal at metropolitan in Jacksonville
    florida USA.Between 4:pm midnight.
    Multiple fithing rings whithmixed black belt.
    Steven Seagal,Steven's band are set to perform at appoximately
    8:30pm at metropolitan park.
    Tickets for sports complex abtanitresand concerts are 30 dollar.
    Well it has reported by Jacksonville.com
    Dear best friend i hope that you brings the fans that news.
    I have this news on emeal today,you see i think on the fans here to when i have new news.
    Thank you Craig..at least som eone here thought of me i know it shouldnt matter as we are all equal here but still nice for some one to say it makes ones day..thanks.. looks like things are starting to happen for Steven again ..
    Hey Craig,
    Do you have Don's email address, i was talking with him back in may and i'd like to ask him about Steven's schedule here in Bucharest, he might have some connection and i can attend for this forum;)
    Hi Greag,i have new information from Steven Seagal,in the spring
    neks year,go steven Seagal makes a new cd whit music,and he gone gives the new tour date,when i now that i give you more information by that,i have a very good friend ,che have contackt whit him,and che gone ask him,that he whant
    kontack to whit me to,,,when i have kontackt whit him,i gives that information to.
    Lovely kisses and take care my friend.
    Hi Craig! I just sent you some pictures from my cell phone. I hope you get them. Let me know. Forgot to tell you the pictures were taken 2 weeks ago, at the Bluebonnet Swamp in Baton Rouge, Louisiana-USA. Love Stacey
    Hi Greag i have Steven Seagal his adress,you kant sent him a letter,here is the Adress.
    STEVEN SEAGAL, Steamroller Productions INC
    1438N. Gover ST.
    Bidg. 70,RM.222
    Hollywood,CA 90028 USA.
    Good afternoon Craig! In a major hurry and gotta JET...but just wanted to stop by and say hi and Hope you have a Very Blessed Day!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Falconredfeather > It only shows up if you are an active member.

    Lutje > Removed for the time being.

    CountyEagle > Nothing received yet.
    Hello Craig
    Am a little disappointed tht my Birthday didn't show up on the site. Don't mean to be rude.
    Hi Greag ,this Lutje here whats happend whit the chat,i want chat whit friends there and i see that the chat dont work ,are have you lock me uot there i try 1O day ,but i see dont chat here,plaes kant you sent me a message her on my post.
    I whant chat back whit my friends here.
    Lovely kisses.
    Good Afternoon Craig! In a Hurry but just wanted to say Hi and Hope you have a Very Blessed Day, My Brother!

    Love Always,
    Good Afternoon, Craig! I guess you didn't receive the pictures yet so I will have to contact Kodak to see if they can send them for me... Sorry about that. I pray you have a very Blessed Day, My Brother!

    Love Always Your Sister,
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