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  • Hi Jim

    It's dry on this side of the pond today. Not got any sunshine but I'm not at risk of cloud burn, mind you I don't think I would get sunburned through this jumper either. How is it over there? I think I'm being stereotypical English talking about the weather. :(
    So what are you up to? Are you having/had a summer holiday this year? Prizes will be awarded to anyone who can find the sun! :D
    Hey - great post from you. Have you been to Blarney and kissed the Blarney stone yourself - you described it soooo well! I have just seen a video clip of 'Big Guy' being recorded in Croyden South London. He was singing 'Wild Thing' I love this song and I was pleasantly surprised - rock onnnnn Big Guy !!!!! You have given me something to think about with 'His Ways' and I am going to think some more about that !

    I went into a shop in the city today to look for some more material and the guy that was assisting me said he never heard of Steven Seagal doh!! I asked him to check some DVD's by title and then he said ''ah! Jasus, I think I know him now - is that the foreign fella with the pony tail'' I wanted to thump him one but hey this is why I am in this place so that I am with people that know, love and respect Steve - share information and just about know a little more that he is the 'foreigner with a pony tail'

    hey Jim
    How r u doing over there ??? The rain has finally stopped here in the emerald isle - no wonder everything is soooooo green over here!!!! I am off to the city for some mojo music BUT I bet that I am going to find it difficult to get, anyway I also need to stock up on my collection ! How about 'Big Guy' coming over here to make a movie - 'He' and all the crew could stay at my house and then when the film is complete, then ye are all invited over for the final celebrations !! Now I have to get into the storyline of this new movie and the title would be 'High King of Emerald Isle' hmmmmmmm ! I shall pop in later and you have a good day and take good care of yourself !
    hey there chef.thank you so much.i love it here and the people are awsome..you seem like a great person..wow NY seems like a cool place to live..i think NY would be a great place for him to go to and film...thanks for the chat.hugs,Andrea
    hi jef this is lutje,sorry that i anderstand wrong.
    I lost my litle dog the week befor.
    Hi Jim from across the pond. :)
    I think the rain is trying to turn our garden into a pond today so we could be getting closer.

    I'm glad you like my pictures. I might add some more when I have some spare time. This site is so much fun for meeting people from round the world and all with the common interest of Steven. You sound a really warm and caring person, it's good to read your posts.

    Take care
    Hi Jim
    Thanks for Birthday Wishes and kind words regarding my country folk I am glad to be on board ! By the way only joking about the temper bit - this is only a myth with us folk ( maybe a little truth................... Hanorah
    hello friend,how are you..i am good..thanks for the add and the welcome i love it here and the floks are really nice..i am enjoying it here..hugsSSG
    Hi Chef
    Thanks for messg. I hope that I am doing this OK - just getting to know my way around. I did live in London from 1992 until August 2006. I am now back 2 years and just getting into the 'irish ways' again. I now live in the country, where I was reared, so it is a mighty change from London ! But hey I love it the only thing that is not so good is the weather. it seems to be constantly raining (uh!). But I have my films and music and I am a little behind with my Steven Seagal collection so I must catch up. Nice to hear that you have some Irish blood do you have the temper that goes with that ??? irish coleen
    Hi Jim!
    Things are still busy and I am falling behind (yikes) because I want to spend as much time as I can with my daughter over the summer. And the new term starts in just a few weeks...
    Next week my daughter is working at the barn all week, so I will have a chance to hopefully get all caught up.
    The weather here has been mostly beautiful - hardly any rainy days, just lots of sun, but not unbearably hot. 'Course that means our lawn is all brown and dry and prickly, but that's OK. We just moved to this house in May, so really this summer we have just been kinda looking at the layout of the yard and assessing the condition of the soil (very poor, due to years of neglect) and planning where we want to plant stuff next year. I'd like to plant some veggies, Suzy wants some flower beds, and we both want a strawberry patch. I reckon we can do it, with lots of winter mulching and some top soil that I think we will have to buy. It all has to be organic, though, as I will not use chemicals.
    How did the radio thing work out for you? Are you going to get a regular show? Can I hear you on the internet??
    Sorry Jim , I signed on and forgot I was here.... Waste of server space...
    I hold nothing against you or Saratoga and the track - I just find the shady side of the business very sad.
    Hehehe yes i do like to say that.
    The weather here is driving me crazy, keeps bloody raining.
    Tomorrow we are taking our service users to church and i am going to be reading the bible in front of the whole church...Gulp i must be mad!
    How are you on your side of the pond hehehe just thinking of frogs then!

    You are welcome :) haha! well not all houses in Sweden is NOT of wood :D But the Germans LOOOVES our forest and red-white cabins in the woods :D:D haha lol We got allot of ski areas, for example ; Idre, Sälen and Åre.
    okay, GO red sox? :D ahha :D:D You got some good life planings there man :)

    Yeah... Your plase and sweden is very similar areas :)

    Well... In Göteborg (Gothenburg) is in the west coast and got a big nice place to ride rollercosters and stuffs called (Liseberg)and you can take the ferry over to Denmark in 1-2 hours whit (Stena Line) soo Gothenburg got very much to see :) and Stockholm is the capital, on the East coast :) they got a place to ride rollercosters to, called (Grönalund) <--- this place is much smaler and not so fun... but in Stockholm can you wisit the royal family castel and the famous big round arena called (Globen) there you can watch Hockey and conserts :) hope this helps :) ask more if you like :D thanks
    Fair enough Jim. I would assume that most folks here showed because we love the guy, but after corresponding with folks here, we also come back for the friendships developed here as well. At least, I do. I have no problems being a large fan of the Sir, even though they have diets for that hahahaha. Every time I see that on the Glimmermans stuff, about him being his hugest fans or something, I think of that, they have diets for that. Give myself a giggle. Anyway, most folks I assume that bad mouth him are mostly jealous. However, if we're discussing him and someone chimes in about how he needs to lose weight, I do not consider this SS bashing. I agree with them on that. For no reason other than his health and he's almost 60. I want him healthy so he can be around a lot longer and live well into old age like Morihei Ueshiba did. 29July08@1358hrs.

    SS is a good man but I wouldn't put him in Jesus Christ's shoes. Sorry. He's a good man, not a God. However, he is a pretty good role model it seems to me. Of course, that depends on whether or not you believe the accusations about his relationships with women, the mafia and who knows what else that's not public knowledge. My assumption on that is it's a bunch of bogus, but I too am not God so I don't know for sure. He's human though, like the rest of us. I'm sure he's made a mistake or two in his life. That's ok, it's normal to do so. I would highly recommend not thinking of him as a God though, that just doesn't fit well with reality, at least not my reality.
    Hello Chef.
    This is lutje,iwant you the thank you for
    sent me a emeal ,iam very happy that iam your friend.
    For me is all the Steven Seagal fans all my friend.
    Iam from antwerp belguim and iam new here,and this is
    very nice and fantastic the acsept me here,and i thank very mutch and all the fans to, thank you .
    lovely kisses and take sensei.
    Hello Jim, I assuming your sig is in regards to Jesus Christ, not SS. Correct?

    Are you a Veteran as well?
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