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  • yes really girl funny it hasnt been confirmed any where except an mag but cant seem to get any sense out of them either ..
    yes i do love the big guy he may give me the whillies now and then like every one else but i will always love him he is under my skin ..did you hear the rumour he is an dad again ? even if that was true i still love him just abit more.. night lovely lady..
    I must go on twitter tomorrow to get my message from you thanks for doing that..iam just off to bed myself have an busy next couple days appointments and work etc.. take care Stacey love Heather.xx
    Re: New Picture in my album: The picture of me with Steven, was taken at the House of Blues, Thursday, 7/10/08, before I lost 60 lbs. and cut my hair. He is a very tall man and extremely Gifted musician! He can certainly make that guitar sing!!! I designed and had someone make the dress I was wearing(A statement about the Importance of Ocean Conservency & WIldlife Conservation Efforts.

    Love Stacey
    Thank you my friend for your great whisses,and your foto's here
    are realy bauthiful and bauthiful Stacy.
    You looks out like a fotomodel.
    Been making alot of "Lemonade" last year!!LOL.Lets hope this year I won't have too ,at least not that much!!;)
    Hi Stacey
    Thank you very much for your whishes. I wish you and your family also a happy and great new year! Have a nice day!

    Sorry you cant get any e-mails to me girl iam always thinking of us 'seagal ' girls dont you worry about that ..i will always keep you in my prayers girl one day i will let you know about an very dark time in my life years ago..
    Hi girl long time no see how are things saw you were here and would like to wish you an happy new year..miss all the old mob here iam all by my lonesome except for Anneliese thank god she still is here ..gotta keep the girls together..x
    Hi, I am doing alright. Still out of town, just had a minute to check in here.

    Had some ice and snow where I am at right now, but the little town I live in didn't get anymore, still had 7 inch. of snow from the last time.

    Hope you had a merry Christmas also.
    I Know Something Good About You

    Wouldn't this old world be better
    If the folks we meet would say:
    I know something good about you,
    And then treat us just way!

    Wouldn't it be fine and dandy,
    If each hand-clasp warm and true,
    Carried with it this assurance
    I know something good about you!

    Wouldn't things here be more pleasant
    If the good that's in us all,
    Were the only thing about us,
    That folks bothered to recall!

    Wouldn't life be lots more happy
    If we'd praise the good we see!
    For there's such a lot of goodness
    In the worst of you and me.

    Wouldn't it be nice to practice
    This fine way of thinking too:
    You know something good about me,
    I know something good about you!
    Hi CountryEagle,

    Great photo's. Will keep my fingers crossed for you to get any acting parts.

    All of You who celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you all had a nice time with your family and enjoyed the holidays! I certainly enjoyed the holidays with all I shared it with. Best wishes to you all, in all your endevors of life and aspirations!

    Love Always, Stacey
    Hi havent heard from you for ages girl hope you and your family are well ..its warm here today hows the weather were you are?.
    Hello My Sister! Sorry, not fixed yet...staying very busy and just taking a quik moment using someone elses computer, to check messages....email.... So sorry not stayed in touch...dealing with A LOT and staying very busy...I do love and miss you, my sister. I met Bear, a medicine man who said I am a Shawman and should let my path find me... let the wolf, eagle and red tail hawk show me who I am..... I know you know what I mean by that.... I will not explain it on here...Some secrets are meant to be preserved and protected! Hope you are having a blessed day...Love Always, Stacey
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