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  • Hi purplelotus. A ghost has returned! Good to see you still about. Maurizio,what do you expect from him? He makes a good living still and they are entertaining eh?
    Привет. Мог бы писать на ломаном английском, но побоялся. Очень приятно подружиться с поклонником творчества и мастерства Стивена Сигала. Коим я тоже и являюсь. =)
    Are you italian?
    Anyway thanks for the friendship and message. I like this site cause I'm a fan of steven seagal even though he has not a good shape and recent movies are very poor and boring.
    anyway thanks for all go to downloads>movie files>Interviews, Making Of and Preview Clips>making of and there you go!
    How are things with you Mr. Wilkey? I actually have some time to look around the site. Hey, I may even post something. Go figure.
    Hello Don, I received your invitation to be your friend. So now we are Steven Seagal friends. Yeah. I have to say I enjoy most of your posts on the forum. I haven't posted for a long time. I get attacked alot because I come across as opinionated and very certain. That scares people so I just sit back and read most of the time. Usually there isn't anything too different to look at so I stay away for a while. I will come back from time to time so until then, peace.
    Hey Donald, No grudges held. My comment was directed at several people and to no one in particular. The fanatic remark was just to make a point, I know no one is a real fanatic over here.

    Indeed we are students of aikido and we follow the path of harmony and peace.

    A bit mixed, hot and rainy but that's british weather for ya. I've heard about the Minnesota seasons, unpredictable?
    It's cool, I understand you and other are all just protecting him in your own way, but be able to hear what others say, whether negative or just lies before you judge them. Missed me? :p
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