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  • Hello Orangatuan and you're welcome.
    I'm sure there are lots of interesting things to talk about...
    The best thing about Steven is his smile. :)
    What is the best thing for you?
    Thanks for asking me to be yur friend Luna,
    You are delightful, truly, I love talking about Steven seagal. colictively we can make a difference on this site a we uplift and acknowledge Steven's aura and what he gives us and to the world.
    Love, and best wishes,
    Halyna (Halkush)
    I see now, you did see my message. Sorry I missed it...In a hurry... Glad you like her music, too! I like listening to Sarah Brighten and Enya.

    Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    So sorry I missed you, Luna! When I got through posting, you were gone. Maybe next time. Thanks for inviting me to be your friend! I accept. I sent you a message a while ago. I hope you could understand my Spanish. I like your name, it means moon light, in Spanish! Very Pretty! See you around. Buenose Noh-chess! Auhs-tuh-lue-eh-go me Eh-mah-nuh!

    Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stgacey
    Hi Luna thanks for asking me to be an friend ..hope that we will find lots of things to talk about..whats the best thing that you love about Steven?..
    Hello CountryEagle,

    Nice meeting you. Yes...Luna means moon.
    I like the moon...:)

    Yes...she has a very nice voice.
    (The following is My Phonetical way of spelling how these words sound to me in Spanish)... Oh-luh, Luna Me Uh-Mahn-uh! Tu Ahv-loe Espaneol? Yo Ahv-loe Uoon Por-key-toe, Espanoel. Co-moe Ehs-stah? Me Moo-e Mooe-e Ben-deh-see-do, N L Nohm-brey Deh Heh-Soos! Dee-ose Dee Behn-dee-guh, Me Uh-Mahn-uh!

    Have you ever heard of Sara Brighten? She is a contemporary opera singer, with a very Beautiful voice. I have one of her CD's Entitled "LaLuna" and it has that song on it, "LaLuna". Luna is moon in Spanish, incase I guessed wrong, in speaking to you in Spanish. That is why I spoke to you in Spanish. I have Bibles, Books and Dictionaries in English, Spanish/English, And one Casette Tape of Jewsih CHRISTian Worship & Praise Music, in Spanish & Hebrew....

    Hope you have a Blessed Day!

    Yoh Tay-Ohm-O Me Uh-Mahn-Uh! Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
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