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  • Hey Martin I came back to chat this evening and you have already left :(
    Catch you another time, we don't seem to catch up with many people these days.
    Sorry Martin - I am recovering from surgery and I can only stay up for a short while before I must lie down in bed again....maybe in a week or so I can manage chat.... Miss you!


    Thanks for stopping by my page. :)
    Hi Martin go check out whom your character is in my story..you said you wanted to be in it so now you are but havent made up my mind wether your an bad boy or good..
    Thanks for your wishes. It's nearly the end of the year so here's wishing you all the good things for 2009!

    Hi and hello Martine .
    I whis you good luck and happynes and three XXX
    from me my friend and a very very.
    I’m sending you my very Best Wishes for the New Year and hope all good things come your way in the year ahead. Blessings for 2009!
    Merry Christmas Martin--------
    And it is called a "dose of your own medicine".

    You ask us to chat with you then you wander off and never say goodbye or good night or explain why you must be absent. So I do what you do to us- ignore you........

    I hope you have a good, safe and happy festive season.

    x :) x
    Hey Martin

    "Happy Holiday" season to you and yours!!:)

    "Froehliche Weihnachten und ein Glueckliches Neues Jahr":)
    That was why I was busy today Martin - I kept getting interrupted by my Mom wanting her internet fixed and the heat adjusted to warm the house back up.
    Sorry Martin - it must have been never for I am so tangled in getting this house back on power and running again that This Place is in second place..... love you anyway - ()()() XXXX
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