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  • "Black Dawn" is one I don't have yet. What is the plot? I'm still Waiting for "Ruslan" to come out! Even though it will have another name, here in the US, I choose to call it Ruslan. Anyway, good to hear from you. Glad something good happened for you today! About time, after that big scare you had the other day... Have A Blessed Day!

    Love Stacey
    Thats nice..and besides whom would take over from writting my stories?.. never thought of that ..sent e-mails to an couple of so called friends about what happened guess there too busy to ask how iam so buggar them..shame i dont know how to poke tongues out on here because i would give them such an tongue lashing..( :
    Well I am Very Thankful they did not take any of your lives! Don't ever say that about yourself because you are Loved and you Would be Missed!!!

    Love Your Sister,
    Sorry I missed you tonight. Hope you have a Blessed night and I am glad you are safe-still with us!!! Take care!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    Guess what happened to me at church, tonight. A sister walked up to me after the main Bible study was over with, grabbed me by the arm and said she wanted me to go with her to the 19 - 25 year olds Bible study they were just starting.... I looked at her and said, "How old do you think I am?" She said "19"... I Said "No Mam, but Thank You so Much for thinking I look 19. I am 40 soon to be 41 in September! " Her and some of my friends can't believe my age.... A lot of people think I am a lot younger than I am. I had my hair pulled up in a poney tail, with a yellow ribon. I guess what I eat and my prayers to look younger, are helping slow down my age apparence...! Thank GOD for that!!!! I am fighting aging evey step of the way, LOL!
    OH my goodness...Sorry to hear you experienced that but Thank GOD you are alright! I almost got hit by a few vehicals last week, came at my door/drivers side! I know how you feel but at least they missed me and I wasn't walking without the metal of my car protection.... Looks like I need to pray more often for you!!!
    Me drool ..nup.. well that the last time i play with grown up men and place nice too us girls got our fannies kicked by that i mean we lost 9 games to 0 ..never done that before and us girls lost either on the black or just an couple of balls which really hurt..oh well we had fun that matters..( :
    Sorry you misunderstood me.. I meant sorry about getting kicked off last night. I just sent you some pictures from Kodak Easy Share...that should really be renamed to "Fort Knox Picture Share"...LOL! Ask Craig why...Anyway, let me know if you get them alright, or not. I pray you have a Blessed Day...One is of Steven Sensei and Me.....Don't drool too much...LOL!
    Abit later iam looking foward to playing with some very grown up men ...before any one goes 'oh yes' iam talking about playing an 8 ball team .. dont know what any one else was thinking but all i
    have to say about that is tsk tsk..and naughty..

    dont be sorry stacey i love my work yes i know i guess not many say they love there job but i do iam just an 'cleaner' but some places i have sen and done are amazing.. some hob
    knobs places too..
    I am so sorry about that, Heather! I got kicked off line and just now got signed back on. It is so late here and I have to go get some sleep now, but had to sign back on here so I could let you know what hapened. I will send you an email tomorrw, with some pictures...if I can. I have been having a lot of trouble with my computer, lately... I pray you have a good night!

    Love Always Your Sister,
    I was in the middle of watching Segal Sensei's movie, "Postol Whipped", when I had to stop and answer the phone, then decided to check on here before I went back to the movie...Just taking a break before I get back to working on some research....
    iam good thanks stacey ..have to go and do some work soon dont you feel sorry for me..lol..thanks for the message my roots are here girl i dont have any intention of leaving ..catch you soon ..
    ohh well enough fun at the moment off to work nice early start dont mind it really..gets my blood pumping..
    people come and people go---- why they do i dont know--- its about time the party really started and if it takes an monkey to start it soo be it ... lets rock!!!
    I finally tried that drink 'Mountain Dew' bloody horrible ... took an couple of mouth fuls and that was enough ...shocking shocking!!!
    Thats right Anneliese..i know i have been told i have balls but that means i dont beat around the bush and speak my mind.. iam blue today found out an friend from my 8 ball team (pool) one of her cats is not well has cancer and not long to live and also some one very close to my heart her has lost some one ...life just sucks some times ..
    For that, I will always be greatful to Craig! AS long as this site is here, I will always be loyally here!

    Hope you have a Blessed day!
    Love Always Your Sister,
    Hi Heather! Why are so many people leaving, as you say? Craig has a Great site here! I Love how informative it is and Love all the frineds I have gained from this site. It has been so helpful to me, during this most difficult time in my life! It's still rough, even after leaving my abuser but this site helps keep me grounded and sane...and so do my friends here!
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