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  • What can an girl do about her big brother huh? right now i could hang him by his short and curlies he had an heart scare two bloody weeks ago and i find out about it now..iam not impressed..iam heading off shortly as its an good few hours drive out in the sticks (country) i may be the youngest in my family but thats what phones are for isnt it to ring straight away abut these things.. have to pick up an girlfriend along the way as iam not really in the right frame of mood to drive all that way being upset the way iam and hurt for not knowing sooner about my brother.. like i have said before MEN!!! wheres that cuppa.
    Yep girl you missed by ((((((((this much))))) iam so tired i cant even be bothered to think about my main man here... he wouldnt find that out any way he aint aloud on my page..
    Sue sent you a Rum & Coke

    Oh no that's the wrong site isn't it? Well get on with the potato harvest and I'll see you later girl.

    Heather i forgot somting,the baby weight 100 kilogram.
    Sorry by that.
    Hi Heather.
    how are you ,i hope good ,Heather this morning is for the first time in the Zoo from Antwerp in belguim , one baby elifhant born
    the baby makes very good,there are image up you tupe from that.
    Nex week gone give the baby her name, and antwerp gone sent to all the people a borncard from the litle one ,and the gone give one borrel party and everyone is welcom there.
    And when i have the name from the baby elifhant i sent that to you.
    Lovely kisses xxx.
    oh me ohh my wish i could crwal back into bed but work is an waiting ... went down in my pool (8ball) last night had to do some thing for one of my brothers like pick up my darling niece from school yesterday afternoon as some dipstick left his head lights on in his car didnt he silliness sure runs in my family and by the time i did that he got me to pick up an couple of pizzas and had an chat for an while then it was time for me to saddle up and go kick some tail..went down 6 games to 3 games i blamed it on the pizza ..at least i won my singles game..
    Yes i do love an herbal tea after my meals love the lemon and honey or green tea... it gives me the boost i need ..like today iam dragging my feet abit big cleaning job today some roof sprung an leak and the boss lady and two other girls had to mop up and vaccum it was an long trying job and iam surposed to be playing pool (8 ball ) tonight ..wish me luck..
    Make sure you eat something healthy. If you have problems in school with remembering...I promise if you eat blueberries everyday, it will help you learn and remember!!! It will help keep your mind as sharp as a tack, as the saying goes...
    The frogs are singing some, but not as much as usual. I guess because they got their rain....LOL! Just a little County, Amarican joke there... People say frogs cry for rain and do make a lot of croking/chirping sounds before it rains but not always....
    Well Heather, what time is it, over in Aussie land? Here, it is 2:23 AM. We finally got the thunderstorm I've been wanting.. Awesome lightening, today... took pictures of it and all the wildlife I saw, today
    Sorry, I'm so tired from staying up so late, reading so much and answering emails, I just posted a response to you, on my page...OOPS!
    not bad thanks lutje been busy or put it in my words 'no down bum up' still means busy have had to do some home work for on of my subjects at school not as easy as i thought..i thought yeah it would only take me five minutes guess i was wrong there ..but i will conquer it..
    Its ok if i say owwwww oww owww isnt it? stiff if it isnt now the needle is wearing off where is the Southern Comfort..another tooth gone at least this dentist i saw she yes she knew what she was doing not like that drop kick of an male want to be dentist ..plus this female dentist had some really soothing music it was an recording of whales ...she said this tooth even though my teeth were in good conition this one really had to go or it would have became an some thing worse oh great..hope i can still whistle be an buggar if i cant whistle at all the hot men i see when iam out with the girls with an couple under my belt..oopssss ..slip of the tongue.. any way it will soon heal she did give me some antibiotics ...for an minute i thought my tooth didnt want to put from my gum stubborn little sucker the dentist said ..
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