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  • Me good you sure you got the right orangatuang remember some think iam an male!!! cough sputter choke god noooo iam all female..
    Summer like weather here. Spring never got here. We went right into summer. Hot and humid and some storms brewing this morning.

    Talk to you later!! Be good!!:)
    Hi Heather,

    Sorry I missed you!! Maybe next time.It's been awhile since Myst and I had a chat!!

    Maybe next time!!:)
    Ok.. just so we have the story straight just because i was abit angry yesterday about steven wanting to be some where else and not here doesnt mean i dont love him any more hell hasnt every one said words thta at the heat of the moment wish they hadnt ?.. geez even an ORANGATUANG has her moments..of course i love the big guy he cant shake this monkey from her tree that easy.. iam sure he can see my point of view iam not the only fan that wants him here sh.it all of us do..but not to worry .. and to steven sorry if one of your girls here went off just shows she does still care about you you big sod..and sod is an good thing ..
    My health is good thanks as for my mood thats an whole lotta kettle of fish .. really annoyed actually girl but hey not to worry what goes around comes around they say and when that day comes iam here to see it go ker-plunk..
    Hi My Sister! I am tired, about to go to sleep but doing fine. Stopped by before going to sleep. Thanks for asking, how are you? Well, I pray! Did you ever get to catch up on your horse back riding...I don't think you ever told me wether or not you were able to go back to the horse riding stables.... Who Knows, maybe one day you can have horse stables of your own. That would definately be nice and cheer you up on days you need it...right?!!! Well, you have a Blessed night and rest well... I Must get some sleep now...I have a very Busy Day ahead of me, tomorrow!

    Love Always Your Sister & Friend,
    ohh iam abit ): girl whats up with this place ..soooooooo dead we need action and we need it NOW!!!.. surely he cant be that busy i bet its because of that chick ..she comes across as far to controling but thats just me.. like in that pic standing with her arms crossed as if to say hurry up ..any way not in the best mood today girl catch you later..
    Good Morning Heather! I'm not on here for long, about to get ready for bed..it is way past my bed time..How are you?
    Here iam again..me..myself..and i.. no fun iam having by myself whats up with this place huh?..but then again one can run amuck just an bit cant one..?? ...
    I shall miss you Myst.. dont forget little me please keep in touch other ways ohhhhh dear another fan fallen at the way side because of some one whom cant get the message ..soon i guess i wont be so wanted here either ..sign of the times i guess ...but then iam an tuff nut to crack (: (: ... gald to see you Anneliese ..keep hanging in there girl i shall send you an life line..not many of the 'old' crowd here any more shame that .. iam like every one else my life is getting busier and busier things to do people to do umm oopss i mean see slip of the tongue there ..any who chin up girls..plus we cant have any more female fans leaving what would the big guy say?..
    Sorry Heather, I have had it with the ignorant behavior with the other person. I am not inclined to come here often any longer. Administrator does not care and won't do something about the other one. Shame isn't it. I did nothing wrong and now I cannot stay here and have fun any longer.
    Iam good thanks .. abit chilly here tonight where is my main man?.. i know that why tspoons has that smile on her dial..
    aaarrrgghh things are ok babes, could be better. I seem to feel different everyday these days. A lot has happened in the world of tspoons over the past three months! xx
    Oh boy looks like my little niece wants to learn martial arts i was told today there is an place not far from me.. why not these days boys and girls should learn how to defend themselves ..my sister in law said my niece wants me to come watch her.. of course i will .. whom knows i may learn and understand it more.
    Gee its quiet here aint it..lets get the party started .. well my brother felt like an big Ox head .. after i ripped into him he realised that he should have let me know ..the sudden death of our oldest sister is still raw even after 5 years if some one say one should forgive and forget i say bull.sh.it..
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