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  • Hi Heather!! Good to see you!!

    Just got home myself!! After work, I went to the store!! Haven't unpacked my stuff yet!!LOL:D
    Where is that bed?.. just got home from an BIG BIG cleaning job some roof sprung an leak in an school late yesterday afternoon 6 hours it took me an two others to clean it up...oh boy here i come bed..
    Hi Heather

    two places: my visitor messages & there is a thread called Around the World in His Ways, started by Chef. I think it is in general.
    Get some rest if you are tired, girl!
    And then let me know.
    Hi Heather, yes I've got your email thanks. :)
    Put your feet up and rest after all that work! :D
    Sorry tigerfeet iam an bit tired i have had an busy time at work standing in for others and iam an bit confused on what you are saying..what project and where is it?.. thanks..
    Hi, I was happy that David was placed. Life in the old dog yet! ;)

    And yes I can ride a bike, although I've only ridden a couple of times in the last 20 years. Getting knocked off in a hit and run put me off.
    Hey Heather

    We could use you on board for Chef Jim's project if you are interested.
    I know it seems close to what you are doing in Power Play, but it was never intended as a rip-off or anything, I want you to know that. I would never do a thing like that.
    And, we would love to have your input on this.

    Hi Heather
    Suzy (my daughter's real name) would like to be called either Tatiana or Nicole.
    Mother and daughter works for me!
    Call me Heather ..and yes i can include 'Gunner' in my story and i would love to include your daughter too ..as mother and daughter hows that but under assumed names what would she like to be called NOT her real name..
    Hi Orangatuang

    I know this is a bit late and rather presumptuous, but do you have room in your story for a beautiful 17 year old, 16.2 hands tall chestnut gelding Thoroughbred called Gunner?
    That is my daughter's horse. He's the sweetest horse ever, very smart and strong and willing, and cuddly too!
    (and if you have a small part for a 13-year-old girl who loves to ride, she would be thrilled!)
    Iam pissed off Myst i could had an real bet on this race this time and the horse i was going to choose would have paid nearly $45.00 here on Oz..
    Take your time. I've got to learn to ride first. :D

    Just watching the race, Canadian GP, it's very interesting so far. Just a smash in the pit lane, wonder if you are watching or fast asleep. I wouldn't get up early just to watch tv.
    Ok i have put the names of the others horses there ..why did you get rid of your story from there?
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