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  • How can we come up with a title when we don't know what the story is? I couldn't begin to narrow down the choices of what a title could be, give us more clues.

    Did you see the cat food I left in your Fury of the Beast story? :D
    I think all went well, had 24 questions and i only struggled on 3, so i hope that is a good sign.
    I have got my 2nd driving test on Tuesday!
    I am off work today but still got lots of work to do at home. What you up to today? xx
    Welcome back! Missed you here.

    How did the first pool game go with the new team?
    I don't understand what you mean Heather.
    Sounds like you are upset, I can't find where you have written anything I might get miffed about you.

    I hope you feel happier soon but I don't know what to say right now to help.
    Hey tspoons i have cooled down an bit wish people would listen when told iam sure they are what i call
    selective listeners in other words only hear what they want one of my friends that used to be here is being an nog at the moment
    Hi babe how are you? Only four days till my exam now, i been studying all day long!
    Sounds good, so long as I don't have to get up that early to read it. I haven't caught up on posts or chat so don't know what else you've said about it yet.
    When are you starting it?
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