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  • That's it, sneak in the back door when everyone is gone and leave those little mousy prints everywhere then skip out pretending that you were not here!
    Hi Sue,

    Yes it was nice. All the snow melted, but its cool and cloudy and we are expecting some rain this weekend.
    Hi Sue
    How sweet of you, I hope that the Easter Bunny shall come with lots of chocolate eggs, so that you could bring them here to share with us !!!:D
    I have three thumbs and one elbow playing online games - why do you think I passed them all on to you......?
    Sue, I nearly ruined my monitor! I spluttered a mouthful of hot milky tea all over the place with that bit of information....does he think he is going to bring her hom.....never mind!
    What an low life Sue that saying goes girl theres plenty of fish in the sea..just be sure next time to get an salmon instead of an blowfish..
    Oh sugar! I'm not fully awake I'm answering you on my page Myst :(
    Ah thanks Myst, I need it! Would you look at the time and I'm awake, my ex woke me up getting up to go the to airport. I think he could be getting married this weekend if it means anything that the wedding rings that were supposed to be ours have gone. Life is interesting is it not?
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