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  • Yes but on monday I have to work again. I had 2 weeks holiday. I did not that much, I sleeped long, of course, and I often went to Zurich, or watched movies, or made walks on the lake.
    Very easy vacation. ;)
    In my opinion - Mr. Craig was pulling our legs - or the sheet over our eyes - naughty, naughty. We should send him to the "Special Naughty Corner", if you remember what that one was....
    Thanks Sue. We need all the help we can get. But I think the worst is over or at least we hope so.
    There are 62 eggs in the original image- repeats by tiling increase that amount - AND I never noticed the breaking of the 2000 mark. Hmmm... you going to try and catch up with me?
    Its been pretty nice here except for the Kansas wind today!! Something awful, all that dust and dirt. Hope tomorrow will be better.

    Good to hear from you!!:)
    Hi Sue, had a great time and the weather was nice too!! How are things with you? Better I hope!!:)
    Hey Sue you got my whip cant seem to find it?.. going on an horse ride again the whip aint for the horses its for other critters that may be out of thursday my time iam chuffing off going to the Flinders Ranges an friend said that theres an trail there ..cant wait havent been to the ranges for ages
    Lovely to hear from you Sue,
    I've been bus travelling, my daugher's antics drove me up the wall as I stayed with her and the family in London for 3 months,she came for the Christmas holidays to getaway from the cold in Britain, but continued her madness.
    i flew to Melbourne to look after my mother and be with my sister and my mother who is 89 and that was equally stressful.
    Now I have developed high blood pressure and probably some heart disease, have to take Lipitor, anti cholestrol pills, and have to go for heart stress tests in Malaysia and I get palpitations of the heart and breathlessness, sometimes faint.

    but the good news is that I am in Hong Kong resting, recuperating and doing as little as possible, getting ready to fly to Shanghai next Monday where I will love re learning to speak mandarin again.
    Being on the site again is very healing and happy for me.

    Lost an hour of sleep last night because of the time change!!

    But at least it will be day light when I go to work!!:)
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