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  • hi sue im fine thanks will be on line later if i have time been busy looking after nices speak soon and take care still have ss locked in my cuboard lol
    Hi Sue,

    Lucheon went excellent all was just right.

    It put me a week behind in my work and I worked all weekend to just get my head above water. Yes at no extra pay just for peace of mind..:)

    The new job is still up in the air please give positive thoughts to this. It is a job I would really enjoy.

    Thanks for looking at Sanp Fitness. You know it is the best if you do a wonderful thing for your mind and body to exercise. I like to have fun and not work out because I have to. You could dance to music. Do thai chi like a China person just have some fun. Don't worry about a club do it Now when you get up or at lunch or at dinnertime or before bed. Some people fidget alot. If you fidget you can burn 500 calories in a day. That would take an hour of intense exercise on a rowing machine.

    Good luck and let me know my over the pond friend.


    Hi Sue

    Just a quick note to say Hi & thanks for the PM. You make some really good points. I will reply when I have time to do so thoughtfully.
    Hope you are having a good week (so far) :)
    More later...
    22 000 people live here on shetland.
    So a hell of a lot more than Ulva. haha

    We do have broadband so thats pretty good.
    Haha no we have perfect phone signal up here, O2, vodaphone are probably the best up here.
    Orange and Tmobile are quite poor up here.
    Obsessive compulsive behavior is curable - I just passed on the prescription. How many posts were waiting when you first signed on?
    Yeah i will do.

    Well for shopping its average, i mean we can buy anything really.
    Then there is the internet. Which is where most of the shopping happens haha.

    But yeah it is different to a city compared to night life and entertainment. So its always a treat getting down to mainland scotland or anywhere off the isle. haha
    Its very nice i'll need to post some photo's.
    Life in general up here is great i suppose.
    A lot of people think we are limited to a lot of things but we really are no different to a city or town in the Mainland.

    Haha yeah the single track roads are a pain in the backside
    Hey Sue

    Yeah its coming up to the winter weather now.
    Had a beautiful summer though.

    We actually don't have any trees at all on the island.
    Great scenery though

    Where are you from?
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