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  • Hi Sue
    How's things in the UK?
    I miss our lunchtime chats. I have been busy, keeping out of the line of fire of the rock throwers, getting ready for the fall teaching term, and of course spending time with my daughter and the horses.
    Hopefully I will be on line the same time as you soon!
    hi sue hello .
    Thank you for your emeal.i cone sent you one back.
    take care and sensei.
    Hi sue thank you for your emeal
    and i hope that you have my emeal,i sent you one ,thanks.
    Oooopss dont take any notice of what i said about the ending to my story Myst girl you deserve to finish it with all the hard yakka you have put into it..Heather is so grateful..

    Sorry I had some problems in the last days, "sick" is the wrong word but I didn't feel me good, I was nervous (and I don't know why) and dizzy. I turned to my doctor, he gave me some pills. We don't know what I have, but for sure is that I have a too high blood pressure.
    Ah ha, now that makes more sense ;O) thanks Sue. The weather down is is still around 25 and very hot, how about yourself?
    I keep changing all my pics on sites i have, get bored easily.
    This pic reminds me of when i play my flute, escape to another world.
    Life is ok apart from very very busy at work!
    How are you? xx
    Hi Sue! Sorry I missed you earlier today! I hope your family visit went well.....I am leaving Wednesday or Thursday, to go see my family up in North Louisiana. I want to go Wednesday, but may not can go until I can get everything done I need to do, before leaving..... Jeb, Evelyn and me Can't wait to go to Mamaw & Papaws Camp/Farm up in Arkansas, on Saturday!!! They own their on Lake.... Evie and I haven't been there since she was 5 years old. That was 10 yrs. ago.... We have to watch for Cotton Mouth snakes, though. They are bad this time of year. I will miss all of you but my children and I Need that break! I am sure you know what I mean... Take care and I will chat with you next time.
    Love Your Sister,
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