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  • Hi Suzi buried my uncle today and iam feeling quiet 'blue' when you get this message can you find some nice pics of steven and post them on the 'pic of the day' thread i really need an cheer up and i know he can make me smile..
    Hello my friend how are you.
    This is a very long time that i see you here.
    Lovely kisses from your best friend .
    Hello my very best friend.
    I whis you a wonderful day and HAPPY VALENTINE.
    Me and my husband we are 24 years to same to day.
    And we celebrate that very good and i hope you do that olso to my friend and me and my famely gives you three XXX.
    Hi Suzi hope all is going well with you ..thanks for the news about steven girl.. iam grinning to myself right now so much for him starting this next movie of his in Vancouver 'dangerous man' surposed to have been the third week of Febuary but he deserves an rest after his reality show hope he has an great time ..ohhh down the track umm some one may be able to snap him on his small holiday we do miss him dont we girl and of course LOVE him..any way iam off to class now you xx
    Thanks you big for Video which opens Mr. Steven Seagal`s absolutely on the other hand!!
    Hi suzywong my very best friend
    This your day today and this is special for you ,that i whritten.
    Oh Whose Birthday
    Flowers have very mutch collors
    and the have very mutch smells.
    Flowers the whis you good luck
    for differents poeple.
    I kant sent you this card.
    This your birthday now.
    This is the whis that i kant gives you
    and i whis you a very live and i hope
    that you celebrating that goed.
    This is your day and i whis you good healt
    and i whis you a very happy nice day
    and i give your many kisses.
    Written by Lutje.
    Dear suzywong i hope you are very happy my friend.
    Lovely kisses from me and my famely.
    and i whis whit all my hard Happy birthday to you.
    Take Care and sensei.
    Hello Suzywong my friend.
    I see Mama San here on this site and iam very happy,
    that she is allricht whit here and iam very happy that nothing is wrong whit Mama San ,we mist her very mutch is whas a long time that we see and heart from here , i want that to say to you my very best friend.
    Take care and sensei my very best friend.
    Thank you Suzywong for your great lovely whisses ,thank you
    my very best friend lovely XXX to you from me and olso to.
    Take Care and sensei.
    Hello Suzy my very best friend.
    I whis you very good luck ,health and happynes and sucses in2009 from me and my famely ,and all what i kant whis you and your famely?
    ,,HAPPY NEWYEAR,, my friend andXXX
    Dear Suzywong i whis you a MARRY CHRISTMAS for you and your famely from me and my famely.
    Dear Suzywong i whis you good happynes ,good luck and i gif that to you whit all my hard my verry best friend and i whis you a very Merry christmas to you and your famely and Steven Seagal and all the fans here on this site to
    you are a very great women and this site is great and i thank you for that thank you my friend and MARRY CHRISMAS to you.
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