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  • Suzi, just stopping by to wish you a very "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year".:)

    Thanks for all you do!!
    Hello my friend Suzywong ,Steven Seagal his home site is new now , i see that this evening on i hope that you gone look there ,you gone see that and i whant i give this message to you, lovely kisses and take sensei.
    Hello my friend how are you , i hope very good
    have you new foto's from Steven Seagal,i hope that he make a new cd whit new music and i hope that he give back concerts in the world.
    Lovely kisses and take sensei.
    Hi girl just want to know is you have any news on the big guy and can we have some pics and with out being bad an nice one for me..
    Thats ok girl i was wondering where is the big guy and is there an chance we could have some more pics of the day when you have an chance and through an real nice one for luck please ..xx
    Hi Suzi i think we got our wires crossed when i said about that dog it wasnt my dog it was an stray dog that BIT me..iam afraid i dont have an trust in them not any more..
    Dear Suzywong how are you ,i hope very good my friend,
    iam so sorry for ORANGATUANG his dog iam lost my dog in july this year and i mist her to ,and i hope that you to same me and you Suzy stay afther him ,a dog is like a schild and you lost that,this is very peanful and i anderstand ORANGATUANG very well and i gone pray for his dog.
    Suzywong i now you gone do that for ORANGATUANG he or she
    is a great fan on this site ,iam whit him or she i lost my dog to and this is very peanful i now that.
    loves and xxx from yours best friend
    and take sensei.
    Thanks Suzi... i love you too girl always.. i dont know if you know but i got bitten by an dog this past wednesday and not feeling real good of course i had the injection straight away to kill anything nasty in there mouth and that and iam on very strong pain killers and other tablets..more if you shok me i would rattle..i have 9 puncture wounds on my hand and noooooo the dog is an homeless one i think ..i told my brothers i wont say what they said...its starting to go down the swelling but the brusing is coming out and hurts like buggary..any way girl how are you? sorry about going on about me just thought you would like to know..
    Hello Suzywong.
    I whis you happy halloween my very best friend.
    I celebrete this yesterday evening ,and this a very wonderful evening for me and my famely,to same whit friends and there are dansgroups the dans on stage and whas fantastic show.
    oh thank you my dear Lutje you're great woman too.. You are very lovely.. I love too my friend and take care
    witjh all my love
    Hello Suzywong ,i want you the thank you for the great bauetiful
    foto's from Steven Seagal and BB King ,the are realy fantastic and very great,
    i thankyou very mutch for that ,and you are a wonderful and very great administrator on your site here and you are a very great women for what you do for the great fans on this site .
    You are a very great friend for me and i want you give a boquet flowers you deserv that and i thank you whit al my hard ,thank you
    and you have threexxx kisses from me you are always be my very, very best friend.
    Yes Suzywong my friend ,you think abauth te fans,and like Anneliese say your page is very nice and wonderful.
    You are great Suzy and i thank you ,make more page this realy fantastic from you my friend you are so lovely.
    Take care and sensei.
    Hello Suzywong,on 13 december is the golden years in sportpalas
    antwerp than comming Mungo Jerry, Chris Montez,Billy Joe Royal,Dave Dee Dozy Mick & Tich,Dave Barry,Gerry & The Pacemakers,the troggs and The hollies on tages ,,the all old groups from the 60's this every years and Randy Newman he comes olso to , to antwerp he his here on stage on21 november
    you see that here on antwerp coms very mutch groups.
    and i want say that to you, when i have more news , i post that to you my very best friend.
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