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  • Hi Michelle,

    Things are great in Kansas and yes we already had snow. More then once, but not a whole lot.

    Sunday night into monday we are suppose get ice, snow etc. the works.

    I can't wait!!:mad:

    Anyway good to hear from you!! Take care!!:)


    It was good to catch up with you in the chat last night, hope to see you there again soon.
    Hi Michelle
    long time no see but I guess you are still busy as anything.
    Nice to see you here.
    I do majic things with water, like make it drinkable. All types of water. Water in the ocean, water falling from the sky, water under the ground, water in pipes. Water.
    Hi Michelle,

    It was so good to hear from you!! Don't worry about not being here because you are busy.We understand and we won't forget you!!
    I promise!!:)

    I had a great Thanksgiving and we done some shopping the next day.Also got my Christmas tree up and all my decorations done.

    Take care my friend.

    Love ya

    Glad you made it to Bubbles and Brew, does that chap get danger money if he holds the cake like that when it get's cut?
    I thought everyone had gone so I wandered off. I think it's getting unstable on here, in more ways than one! Last night it kept kicking us off more than normal. We'll have to think and see what to do. Loving the tea party! :D
    Did thedude say next-morning headaches? What about the times it's the next afternoon headaches? We'll have to keep a stock of vodka in for him. ;)
    Hey I've got a bell that rings with a five minute warning for me to get away as you come in! :p
    I am sorry I missed you, would have been good to have a catch up. I'll send you an email. :)
    I was definitely a Seagal fan before I KNEW about Above the Law being filmed in that neighborhood, but that nostalgia kept me in that place a little longer :) Living in that place was the best two years of my life. Have you seen the Tom Hanks movie "Big"? His apartment in New York was basically mine...

    Philosophy and Environmental Studies? Wow... Two very broad scopes there. How did you get into those areas of interest?

    Crazy christmas party stories? I have a few myself... if we all ever get together for a fan "convention", we'll have to exchange tales of craziness and next-morning headaches :)
    Michelle - very kind of you to compare my Island with yours - BUT my Island is much too wet !! I don't mind winter weather, but we did not get any summer this year !! It did not snow for years and years and years as well!! I just love the snow, that is the inner child within,I guess but otherwise, I guess, I do love Ireland, its my native shore, after all ! Hugs Coleen
    Wow Michelle, too much sweetness in one area. I need to go have some vodka just to calm myself down :)

    Chicago is an awesome place... I've pretty much lived here the entire time I've been in the US, and wouldn't consider living anywhere else except Singapore or Seattle :) I used to live in an area called the Fulton Meat Market (a very industrial/warehouse type area), and the roof of my apartment building (and the entire street that my building backed up to ) were used in Above the Law. I haven't met too many movie stars in Chicago, but the cast of the show Prison Break, and then Jack Nicholson once :) I unfortunately am not really a starstruck person (with the exception of our hero :) You should definitely visit sometime. What are you doing your PhD in? Have you lived in Canada your whole life?

    Hope all is well with you, and thanks again for writing.
    Take care,
    Hi Michelle,

    Not much, what's going on with you?

    I got up too early this morning, so here I am, on the computer!!:)
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