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  • How come you never doctored your page like the rest of us? Lack of nerve or knowledge? Now that I have figured it out I waste my time playing with mine all the time.........
    I never even noticed it was my anniversary! Doesn't seem like a year... it's gone by so quick & all of you are so much fun! I'm glad I joined. Thank you for your kind wishes!
    Question was what was she doing joining on Dec 31st? Should have waited a day so that it could have been the best start to a new year! :D
    'Happy Anniversary Michelle' sorry I am late with the wishes.
    Oh I think we were bad - your first anniversary here came and went and we never noticed! You came along not long after Sue and I joined.... seems a hundred years sometimes....glad you are part of the group.....
    Hi Michelle, I have been a bit busy so not logged on here for a few days. Yes I am back at work, first day yesterday and it was fab. I got home and almost fell asleep, would have done if my boyfriend hadn't walked in when he did, feeling tired now and it's only lunchtime on day two. What am I going to be like next week when it is a whole five days? :D Have you settled back into the working routine? I soon will but the 6am starts are startling. Nice to walk while it's still dark and the birds are just singing their beaks off.
    That was a drastic hair cut, how are you feeling about it now? I'm not sure whether to have mine cut again or abandon it to growing, it's just brushing my shoulders now.
    I'm planning on an early night tonight, about 10 minutes after I get home :p I'm making the most of my lunchtime at work to catch up on here, guess what? Not hardly caught up on a thing and it's time to go back to work. Hope to catch you here soon. x
    Michelle - Social Groups now have a small blue button with a >> next to the last posters name when you get to the field with the 'threads'. A click on that button takes you to the last post - a short cut but not what we wanted.
    new clue for the maze - in the social groups where it lists the 'discussions you can see the name/date of the last post with a small blue square and > inside it. This little gem will take you to the "Last Post" - not good enough but a shortcut anyway.
    Thanks Michelle
    Very kind words - thank you for thinking of me ! I returned last night, so my sleeping pattern not yet back to normal ! Coleen xx
    go to user CP and select Profile Privacy - set each box to your choice and see what happens when you are here as a guest.- if you are not on my 'friends' list you should be restricted from seeing much at all. did this as a a test to see what others can see/not see.
    Thank you for the page comment - I am already tired of winter.

    As for Ginger, may I tell you that I understand, but you already know that. You have to always push the doubts away and reassure yourself you did the right thing. Even though I now have another animal to share companionship with I still miss my fella that started it all. In both cases Milo, who came with that name, and Molly choose me for bonding with, and life companionship. There were many other 'pets' in the past, but he was the first one that made me stand up and be responsible even though my heart was breaking. He trusted me to do the right thing for him and in the end he looked at me and gave me one final meow, then placed his head on top of my hand in seeming forgiveness and reassurance. A few minutes later they ended it all for him and it was instantaneous. That moment will stay with me forever, a final gift from him. Now I must stop or I will end up weeping all day long... those of us who have been there know and understand. I'm sorry for you too, but I am glad you have the memories....
    I did that in September! My hair seems to be growing back quickly but it will take years to get down to my waist again, that is if I choose to let it grow long again, but it's so easy to wash and comb it short. How drastic a cut did you go for? Mine went to jaw level.
    Once the first morning is over it is usually nice to be back at work and in a routine, I'm waiting to find out if I'll be doing that from next week and after 10 months off that is going to be tough.
    Sorry I missed you in the chat. Back to 'normal' here so I hav been hopping in and out of here all day. Just about to hop out again now and get the pizza in the oven. :D
    I hope the year is going well for you so far, I hope we catch up soon.
    No chance of us having a white christmas this year so that background was just to remind me what it looks like.
    I hope you are having a good time over this season and Happy New Year to you and Suzy!
    Hi Michelle,

    Good to hear from you. All is well in Kansas. Except the weather.One day it is into the 60's, the next day into the 20,s and snowing and of course the Kansas wind, lets not forget about that.

    Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a very "Happy New Year" to you and yours. May only good things come your way!!



    I hope you have a good, safe and happy festive season.

    x :) x
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