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  • i agree, u r one of the truest fans of Sensei Steven Seagal too. I dont' know why these anti-Steven Seagal bashers come in here to criticize his films and claim to b a fan?
    He he, you must have typed that just as I was typing a message on your profile! great minds think alike!
    (oh, and they say fools seldom differ...) ;)
    Congrats on the driving test!
    I have a busy day ahead of me, so just trying to find some energy at the bottom of a coffee cup...
    Yes i am still busy studying...i am having a mad weekend drinking in celebration of passing my driving test!...oh i do feel so hung over!
    How are you? xx
    Hi Michelle,

    I thank you for all you are doing on THE PROJECT. I have a job that has good hours and OK pay. I would have a hard time going to another gig that could match it.. I am also now 50 and not as marketable as I once was. I use a fact that happiness is transitory, anyway. So here I will stay until fate moves me.

    I don't think the membership fully understands what we are doing. I got a messsage from Country Eagle she thought we were doing a horse saving thing???
    We need all to know that we are building a script for Him to produce a movie about His Ways.


    I must be having a hard time posting this one. I reposted it in my area. Here we go again.
    I was responding to your WalMart comment. I worked for Target Corp. and I agree with you. I went to HI for a work thing for my wife's work. While there I went to The ABC Stores they are on every corner in HI. I thought Target could trump Walmart by opening stores based on the concept of the ABC Stores in HI. People could walk to get milk... Bus routes would be developed this would cut our need for oil and help save the Earth for future generations.
    As of 06-11-2008
    Hi TF,

    Yeah, of course donate all of the $ great idea. Thanks for your thoughts they are in keeping with mine in many ways.
    You speak of a time-line that is important. You speak off a successful outcome I coundn't have said it all better.

    Sorry I took the title of His Ways from your post I thought you would not mind. I also am sorry I presented this to the members before I spoke with you but I felt you would also not mind.

    I have several projects I started writing years ago when I had time. My favorite project is THE HISTORY OF RETAIL FROM FROUNTIER OUTPOST TO THE GENERAL STORE TO THE GENERAL STORE OF TODAY THAT IS WALMART THE SUPERSTORE.

    This involved people, places, modes of transpotation and so on.

    I almost made it to the History channel but no agent.

    I almost was able to get Walmart interested in a 30 min segment mini-series like Hallmark channel has.

    Just think of how many items could be discussed in this. The Mini-Mall, The Box Store- Wagons-Trucks- and the historical development of each. The easy bake oven was not at the General store way back when;)

    Have a great day. Good luck with your projects. You could adapt the above project into His Ways film. He could advance through time in all areas leading up to NOW.
    lol Tea and Hot water bottle! I hope you have recovered from aidkido.

    I think some of your sabre toothed dust tigers have escaped, I moved a box in the utility room and you know what was behind there!
    Hi Tigerfeet,
    You will have to do the legwork if this gets started. Or if by some chance He hears of it and thinks there is some merit and take up the challenge. I have little time for making a movie right now. I am busy with all of what life has me doing now. I am only able to steal a few moments in my day to think of Him and His Ways and talk to real nice folks like you. I hope you can think of a easy way to get the basic idea out then whomever will decide about its merits. Only if that one in a million happens can I spend time on this. I am enjoying our conversation very much.


    Jim USA
    ouch ouch ouch ouch I am so sore from my second aikido lesson... tomorrow I may not be able to move... ouch ouch ouch ouch...
    Hey Michelle, my daughter's name is Tatjana!! It can be spelled different ways: Tatjana, Tatiana or Tatyana!!

    It's a german-russian name.

    I survived this weekend, it wasn't too bad, compared with other weekends!!
    Hi Tigerfeet:

    OK 50/50 and you get extra due to your PHD.

    Please write a basic idea and submit in any way you can.

    If His people want more I am at the ready.

    He comes to Saratoga Springs for Horse Racing perhaps to see Big Brown. This makes it currrent as we here have the Travers that is the big one after the Triple Crown.

    He meets a fan close to the track. This fan knows everybody and encourages Him to walk to the Race Course.

    He for some reason drops His guard for a brief moment and gets swept up in the Saratoga August The Place to be moment.

    A shiek in a Rolls rolls up and speaks to Him this begins a around the World showcase of His Ways going to Dubai and then back to Saratoga Springs.

    He ends at the fans location
    Re: cat pictures - Ha ha, that is true! I was in a book store the other day and saw a kid's book called "You can't hurry a cat", and I thought, that is so true also!

    Re: down days. Nothing major, just a case of the blahs brought on by a bunch of little things... lousy weather, too much work, too little money - the usual things that get us all down now and again.
    Hi, sorry you are feeling down today but we all have to have the down days so we notice how up the happy days are. I hope it isn't anything really sad and I hope tomorrow is a happy day for you!

    Re your cat pictures. Give up trying to pu them the right way. You know humans can never get a cat to do anything it doesn't want to. :D
    Have you had any feedback from your feelers? I hope you get lucky and find a film set.

    Have a great day out anyway. :)
    Hey, Tiger!!
    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I'll soon be 69 and memory doesn't serve quite as well as it used to.
    I think you have a great idea there but Craig is the only one that can OK that. I do hope he agrees.
    God bless,
    Mama san
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