Against The Dark - Official Trailer


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Thanks to Sugust for locating.

Download here
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File format : WMV

Download, unzip and open using Windows Media Player.


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Thanks, I like it, It´s the Attack Force redemption with the katana master concept of Into The Sun.

It´s not weird, sure the movie will be good.If Seagal wasn´t send to the STV hell, 10 years ago this movie would be realeased at theatres.And Pistol Whipped, Urban Justice...

Anyway, I like this horror touch.Everybody likes vampires, don´t you?


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Thanks for posting.

I'm curious for the end product, but I fear it will not be very good.

But it's a twist in his career.



Lets hope he doesnt get bopped off in this one..if there is any bopping off to do i bugs that right in my stories..


Hi everyone1
I'm back in Hong kong after travelling extensively over the last 6 months.
last posts were in perth and melbourne where i experienced a terrible heat wave in 48 degrees.
Many peole died in the terible fires around melbourne and even little children, about 200 people died, 2000 homes burned to the ground and several fires are still burning.
The word is out for tomorrow for fear of a repeat, will be 40 degrees or above again, meanwhile in the Northern part of australia there have been the greatest floods for 30 years, two thirds of Queensland was under water. if that isn't Global warming I don't know what is.
I scrambled down to the DVD Rental shop where i live and what did I fihndk, excitement!!! A new Steven Seagal DVD."Against the Dark".
Was a bit eerie, all taken indoors, vampires and gore galore, not my cup of tea,it was more interesting to watch an excerpt on "The making of "Against the Dark" at least i could listen to the rationale behind the story and picture takes. a very "dark" movie and not what I'm used to seeing Steven in, not his best picture I'm afraid, but seeing Steven again was "hot."I guess I'm just not into horror and vampires.

God Bless all of yu for 2009, I've been through the english Christmas and new year, Ukrainian Christmas and New year, then the chinese new year, my birthday, my husband's birthday and my birthday , today is my son's birthday, I'm flaked out after all the celebrating and cooking and eating, have high blood pressure i think.
Lots of love to all who remember me.