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Yeahhhhhhh one minute folks !!!!

Exactly the best steven seagal movie since exit wounds !!!

Finally he turned back !!!

Should be a movie film ahhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh !!!

Movie was real good.Loved every minute of it.My big guy tore everyone up like he used to.I thought he looked just great.But then I would never think anything else of him.Hope his next movie will be this good.


For some reason there has been an delay with this movie ..iam just getting abit peeved off i better get it soon ..


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Holy ****!! This was much better than I expected. I expected an average/poor DVD movie like Kill Switch but I am pleased to say it's as good as Pistol Whipped and Urban Justice, probably even better than UJ. It started off kinda ****, Seagal talked really quiet, he was getting chatted up by people less than half his age and it seemed like it was going to be another **** fest. The story was generic, the other characters seemed generic and I knew it was going to be just okay. But the action really heated up in the final hour, there was a fantastic knife fight, really violent shootouts, some brilliant deaths, Seagal seemed interested...he kicked, the punched, he ran, (allbeit like a girl but he was much more physical here than I've seen him in years) his clothes were normal, he attempted a Russian accent, he even did some MMA and got the **** kicked outta him a little bit in the final fight and the main guys death, **** me that was some brutal ****!! Guys check out this movie for 90 minutes of Seagal machine-gunning and punching the **** outta people. 7.5/10


Ruslan was an great movie i was really impressed at his go at the russian accent well done Steven...but just speak up abit more i love your husky voice but some times i have to put the volume way up on the TV ...Other then that me and my gal pals were just blown away ...we are looking foward to 'Killswitch' which is out at the end of the month ..abit ass about your movies coming our way but like 'you' they are worth the the tattoo touch...thanks again you are the man..


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Driven To Kill Reviews

Sounds good. Ive really been wondering about this program. I live in Canada Ontario. So the decision to go all the way to Orlando is not a small one. You may have bolsetered my faith a little more


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I recently re-watched Driven To Kill for the 2nd time in a year or so.

I always try to watch a movie at least 2 times before I give a real firm opinion on it, and this one is a good example of why I do that.

I had an impression, before I watched it this time, that there was something I was bothered by from my first viewing, but I didn't remember specifically what it was.

Then, as I watched, I remembered.

In the shootout in the garage, there is a duplicate scene, which kind of jarred me, I wasn't looking for it, but when it happened, I noticed it.

It was where it showed Seagal reload his pistol, then in a few minutes, it showed the exact same scene again.

The funny thing is, this movie really didn't need that scene.This is an action movie, people are forever joking about how no one ever reloads in movies like this, so if that scene wasn't in it, it would not have made any difference.

Still, this was a small thing and this shootout also turned into Seagal chasing a guy, clearly it was him, and I loved that, a prime example here of the fact that he really brought his A game to this film.

I've seen a lot of people mention that this movie was kind of a turning point for Seagal in his DTV movie's, and I kind of agree, sort of.

To me, Urban Justice was the real turning point, with a hiccup or two along the way.

BUT, I have read some things lately that make me think the problems with Kill Switch were not the director or Steven, but rather the studio, again!

And the fact that Jeff King also directed this movie leads me to think those stories are true, as this is a terrific Seagal film, good story, great action and one of those endings that make you go,” Why didn't he kill that guy??”;) Which goes back to Hard to Kill days.

All of this is just opinion, of course, but I really thought the fight scenes in this were top notch, with special mention of that knife fight in the strip club, man is he good with a knife! So cool!

The big showdown at the hospital had a few more of those duplicate scenes, and again, I did not think they were necessary, take them out and the movie is what 5 minutes shorter? But they were noticeable so it was just a bit distracting. However, once I remembered that it had these earlier in the movie, I also thought I remembered them being even more than they actually were, which is why I like to watch everything at least twice, because I would have given bad info if I'd based this on my first viewing.

And, the big final fight was another great one, especially the ending, really so reminiscent of Seagals early films, it was just great!

I said this before about some of his later movies, and I say it about this as well, Driven To Kill looks good enough, with some minor edits, to have been a theater movie.

Take out the duplicate scenes and this is as good as a number of other movies that are getting released these days. Specifically, I saw and loved, 3 Days To Kill, November Man, John Wick, and in my own opinion, this movie compares very well to them, like I said, without those scenes repeats, which I am afraid would be noticeable to the average movie goer as well, but I have not been able to test that.

I'd really like to know if anyone knows an action fan, not necessarily a Seagal fan, who watched this and did they notice those scenes?

To wrap up, this is another in his filmography that really plays to my personal likes, a straightforward story, some terrific hand to hand and some great shootouts, some new “classic” lines from Seagal and a really nice finish.

Great entertainment!

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