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Exit Wounds 2-(Justice For All)

I was going to write some tonight but iam feeling abit bushed so it will have to be another day..just an teaser though how does this sound Commander Orin Boyd?..got an nice ring to it hasnt it..see ya..
So glad you like girl...and if your an real good girl i may see if i can arrange for you to get up real close to him..hows that?..but notta too close..lol...thats MY job..
Exit Wounds-Justice For All written by Heather.K.Crisp (Orangatuang)...

After the fire works had calmed down and all was good Orin couldnt wait to get really back to work and with his new partner George..Unknown to Orin George had put Orin's name down as the next Commander as he had proved to all even his old boss Chief Hinges that he can kick ass at the worst of times..and his attitude well lets just say people are going to have to accept his wild ways simple as that ..

This was being kept all hush hush about the upcoming event every one did an good job even Latrell and T.K. he is such an drama king that T.K...The night soon came around about the choosing of the new Commander an Orin had to wear an suit he thought to himself i look like an penguin in this ..any way George had turned up with his wife an baby and Latrell was there with T.K. and many of his girlfriends..the place was packed and they all sat down for dinner and chatting away..

While they were having there meal an woman walked in and sat down with Chief Hinges she did look fimilar and Orin knew he had seen her elsewhere but left it at that..
She got up and walked up to the microphone and introduced herself and said ' Good evening everyone iam Gidget Mulcahy the sister of the late Commander and i have been given the honour to announce the next one, having said that i just want to say that he or she better have big feet because there are big steps to take'
as she continued ' it gives me great pleasure in annoucing the next Commander and it is Orin Boyd'
Well Orin nearly feel over those big feet getting up from the table as he was in compltete shock he said'no way it must be an joke ' and Latrell said ' just get your white ass up there '


c/o naughty corner
Thanks, do you think he'd let me sit on his knee like in the pic on the top of these pages?
Will drop in tomorrow and see if you've had spare time to write.
All prepared to jot some more here this afternoon but my ex sister in law rang and asked me to tea and we do get one very well even though iam not married to her brother any more just got home an few minutes ago and too buggared to write..iam leaving tat one alone girl you only but try sitting on his knee..if i said what i was going to say i may get an 'beep'...


c/o naughty corner
:D He he! I take that as being warned off!
Funny that people can get on better with their ex's families than with their ex. But there is no reason not to.


Die Hard Seagal fan!
Good initiative!

Hey Heather, good thing from you, to create a new story ;)

Also a very good choose of you, to choose for a follow up of Exit Wounds :) I also like the title: Justice for All

Your last story, I've missed it :( I would like to read it, but I still don't know, what the title is of that story :rolleyes:. Also because, I'm a character in that story :$ (shy smily).

I hope you can help me or somebody else, who knows the title of the story?

Keep on the good work, Heather! ;)

take care

Much PEACE and LOVE, Take-Sensei!
Thanks take-sensei and Myst for helping him..i have an sh.itty head cold at the moment so not in the mood for writing...stupid weather hot one day cold the next no wonder i get one..
Boy since theres been an over 500 views of my story so far i must be doing some thing right..i thought i was having my legged pulled when i do hear iam an good writer maybe it got an bit of truth to it ...so because of that for those whom are waiting soooooo patiently staright checking as of sunday ok?...
When Orin got to walk up the steps he tripped over the extention cord but quickly regained his balance he said 'well thats my first big step' and there was an roar of laughter ..Gidget gave him the microphone and said'congratulations' and Orin said' Iam honoured to have this bestowed upon me and i will make sure that no one is above the law'..

After the presentation was over Orin was invited and the guys to sit at the chief Hinges table along with Gidget for some drinks and Orin to catch up with his old boss Orin did say 'iam sorry about Annette' Gidget said'she knew what she was getting into when she joined this job and if she didnt like being an risk taker she would have never signed up'..

Chief Hinges said'its getting late and iam sure Gidget would like to go' Orin said' i would be honoured to drop you home?' she said 'thats ok Chief Hinges is dropping me home but thanks for the offer maybe another time?..Orin just smiles and left it at that..Latrell said' yes it time we were all going work tommorrow' no sooner that was said they all left and went there seperate ways.

When Orin was walking back to his car he could see these youths looking at it he thought to himself what am i still an sh.it magnet?
As he got closer one of them pulled out an knife and Orin said 'you call that an knife' as he pulled out his colt.45..

Of course they took off like an shower of sh.it ..Orin just laughed to himself ...and thought if only all thugs were that easily scared off...
Any way he was soon off home as he didnt want to be late on his first day as the big kahuna.

Orin didnt sleep all that well maybe he was all worked up over his big responsibity now and he went to get in his car and the silly buggar had left his lights on all night he thought fruit loops what an great start so he rang George and he came to pick him up ..
When George had got there he said to Orin that' Latrell seems to think we have more pests to exterminate'..'is that right thats our speciality isnt it?' on the way into the precinet George had picked up an tail it was way back but he wasnt stupid Orin had noticed too but they were both cool as cucumbers..

As they pulled into the car park the car that had been following them just went straight past as if nothing out of the unusual George being the smart cookie he is got the license plate and they proceeded to walk in when the car that had been following them came flat chat down the main road at an zillion miles an hour and an masked figure took out Georges car it was riddled with bullets..

Orin said 'sh.it i hope you were insured'..(t.b.c)..

With an smirk on his face George said' i dont know what you are smirking about that was your ride home'...any way that soon shut him up ..all the comotion made people come from every where even Orin's old boss whom was still hanging around couldnt beleive his eyes when he saw George's car..He said 'yes Orin must be back'..

They couldnt do much about it right now except put the number plate into the data base and see
what they came up with and of course when they did it was stolen whats new?..but of course they had to contact the real owner and tell them that they car has been used in an incident..
Not knowing whom the car belonged too Orin and George thought that they would take an cruise out to where the owner of the car lived it was an very swish place and kept very neat and tidy ..it was actually Gidget's friends place and what fun girls they are it was an hot day and the girls were sunning them selves by the pool and when Orin walked up to Mavis he cast an huge shadow over her blocking the sun and she said' get out of the way genius your blocking the sun'...

Mabel came out and asked'who the hell are you' George said ' iam the agent whom rang you about your car' 'ohh' she said 'thank you just that we have had some real perverts around here lately' and then Lola and Donna came out and joined in the conservation Mavis got up off her lazy chair and wrapped an towel around her and walked off back to the house...and she rang Gidget telling her that George and Orin were there and what it was about ...Gidget said' dont worry girl they are the good guys'..(t.b.c)


c/o naughty corner
That sounds like Mavis, telling him to get out the way rather than make himself useful and rub in some sun lotion! :D
Be patient girls all good things come to those who wait..glad you both like it so far..lots ans lots to come yet..sh.it better get to school time flies when your having fun catch you girls later..