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having sugery


so hear i am at doctor for a phyical and come to fine out that i have to have a tumor remover for my female parts the goo thing is that it is benied i am glad about that what i'm not glad about is when the doctor told me he didn't really din't have a very bed side matter at first i thought it was cancer boy i'll tell you it scared the hell at of me but my regualer doctor was there to eas my worried i dont no may if he had told me at first that i woud be fine and it was benied i probly would not hhad reacted so badly though i am scared but i do have have faith i will get throught it you know i have nere had sugery before the though is realy nerv racking my any way i have been told that there are risk but he asures me that it will be fine why do docter tell you that and then tell you not to worry crazy i though you wear to to keep the pation calm mybe i'm just really scad and prombly overreacting a little ok a lot but i guess i needed to vent to get it out of my head so i wont think so much about it so on the 7 may i go to surgey so i ask you guys for your prayers thanks for listing miss you lots

Mystery Mom

Queen of the Mist
Carmen, first take a deep cleansing breath and then let it out slowly...now see, your body will continue to function just fine.

They have given you the good news and they are going to remove a bad thing your body is doing to itself. An odd little growth that got confused and found a home where it should not have been. Let us hope the can do the new peek-a-boo surgery where they just cut a few tiny slits in your tummy to remove this little bad monster. You will be back on your feet in days and feeling just fine in no time. Allow your mind to help your body get past this and don't hamper it with bad/negative thoughts. Think sunshine and flowers and walking through a lovely garden with birds fluttering past. Tell your body to concentrate on making the bad go away and replace it with healthy living tissue. See how positive you can be? You will be well and fine in no time.

My thoughts and prayers are with you...
O carmen, iam so sorry you have that ,and i gone pray for you,i lost my sister in may 2005
she have cancer ,and i mist here so much,,she is now in haven and i now what
is ,and i anderstand you very much and i now that you are not feeld so well
what the dockter say that to you,plaes Carmer dont be a fray and stay calm
all comes alright whit you,believes me ,,dond lost your power and be strong
and you gone see you that all comes very good whit you, and be strong my friend.
I gone pray for you and ask the universium for helps you and stay for long by us here.
Hi girl iam sure all will go well just think positive and know you do having very caring people here ..see you when get back Carmen..speedy recovery girl..


first i want to think you for all your support nice to have that and well feeling a little crazy right getting thing ready for surgery and it is 7 th of may so getting closer any way hope all is well and i bless you all with good engery love you all i'll try to get back on before then bless it be


hi everyone well everything went well i'm alittle sore but feeling better i recovered out out my family farm it was so relaxing and peaceful wakeing up to horses running freash air any way on my way home tommorow just letting you girls know i'm alright and be back to work soon any way love miss you all and guys THANKS FOR THE PRAYER oxoxoxox
Sorry I missed this Page, before

Hi Carman! So sorry I missed this page, when you first posted! I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery and healing! Let me tell you what happened to me, back in March. I went to the doctor and she said I had a huge lump in my breast and that my uterus was twice the size it was supposed to be. My Aunt just died of breast cancer and both my mother and grandmother has overcome/gone through treatment for genetically inherited breast & ovarian cancer... I have already had precancerous growths removed form my female organs (in my overies, uterus & cervix)-in 1993 and in 2006. I prayed for 3 weeks before they started with all my test...othters prayed for me, as well. That was one of the reasons I went to Gulfport, MS in March, to pray at the beach and seek the LORD!

When I finally went for my test, I wrote down scriptures on my paper work, I had to fill out before they start the first serious of test, on my breast. They did the mamagram, and Guess What?! They could No Longer Find the HUGE Lump that was in my Breast! So they did an ultrasound, since one of two forms of breast cancer doesn't always show up on a mamagram-called inflamatory breast cancer, but it will show up on an ultrasound. They did the ultrasound and NEVER Found the Lump! It was COMPLETELY GONE! Then 1 week later they did the ultrasound on my uterus... my uterus had shrunk down in size and All They found was 2 Small Non-cancerous Fibroyd tumors that does not require surgery... I am believeing to be completely healed and never have to have surgery, for that! I don't care what anyone says, I KNOW MY GOD STILL WORKS MIRACLES TODAY! HE DID FOR ME and I will Never change my mind on that one because of all I have personally experienced and seen for myself! The doctors said I was in very good health for a 40 year old...even my blood pressure was that of a marathon runner and I hardly ever run, only walk @the track and take care of my body naturally, as much as possible. A lot of my immidate family has all kinds of heart problems, high blood pressure, etc... but I don't... I do have 3 forms of arthritis, 4 compressed disc in my neck and double scoleosis in my spine But I treat it All Natural... no traditional med of any kind and No pain med of any kind... I even use to have mitral valve prolaps but they can't even find that, now!

I will pray for your healing and pray that you never have to experience that again.

Love Always Your Sister,
Stacey :yin:
You see carmer,that all comes good whit you, iam very happy that all
ok is whit you,but you must rest and do all calm on.