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Merry Christmas to all Steven Seagal's Fan

Same to you Suzi Merry Christmas girl.. may you have an safe and happy one .. and where ever Steven is right now may he and his family have an happy and safe holiday and wish him all the best with all his plans he has for the new year ...Heather ( Orangatuang)
Just finished my christmas day and iam totally and utterlly stuffed in so many ways :)but all worth it had an ripper day what was surposed to be 2 girlfriends ended up being 10 ..but hey its all good ...plenty of food and champers ..lost count on my 8th glass of champers :D our xmas meal started with Herb Crusted Prawns ..;)the we had Turkey and Ham with all the Roast Vegies that go along with it ..then about an hour later we had Fruit Pudding and Brandy Custard ..then an couple hours after that we had Strawberries with yes champers..:)now bring on new years:)


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I hope everyone had a Great Holiday...mine was busy....I made a intimate candle lite gourment dinner. Prime rib, sage stuffing, homemade sweet potatoes, cole slaw, asparagus, rolls and homemade pecan pie. Appetizers included: Shrimp, cheese platter, and vegetray....yesterday I went to the outlets and spent some of my Christmas money....had some more wine and watched TV.....today it's back to reality (work).
what would we want from Steven ? hmmm let me think?? ok ok iam thinking :)oh i know an nice big smile :D just like that one so iam hoping one will be coming our way soon
*ahem* I sooooo would love to be able to help him find a "nice big smile" :)

oh, i am so bad (almost as bad as some other gals 'round here!) tee'heehee!