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In the past my previous girlfriends have not understood my being a fan of Seagal and have not wanted to watch his films with me. In fact one girlfriend, Esther, actually forbid me from watching his films, and this was a source of some tension. My current girlfriend, Ashley, understands my following of Seagal and while she doesn't really feel the same as me, she is happy for me to watch his films from time to time. While she wasn't willing to watch any of his more recent efforts, and this was understandable, she was interested in watching some of his earlier films. So, to introduce her to him, we watched Under Siege (1992) and Out for Justice (1991) and she thoroughly enjoyed both.

What does your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other make of your being a fan of Seagal? Has it been a cause of any tension? What films have you shown them to introduce Seagal?


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My boyfriend thinks he is cool:D, but he likes his earlier movies better:D
Sometimes we watch the new Steven Seagal movies together, I value his opion, just like he values mine.
Different people, different taste:D


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My husband likes watching action films. He does not favor one actor over another. If he really likes the movie he may buy it. My husband is the one who got me watching Steven Seagals films.

Here my problem....we had a date night without children and decided to sit and watch a Steven Seagal movie together since I got some for my birthday and Christmas. After watching the movie he politely asked me to not buy any more of Steven Seagals movies. At several points in the movie I could see distain in his face expression. I think the last movie of Mr. Seagals that my husband and I watched together that my husband seemed to enjoy watching was "Exit Wounds."

The more I think about it the more I think Mr. Seagal should put his heart into one or the other. Music or movies. When I write, if I don't put my heart into it, then it doesn't come out as well because if I try to juggle too much it effects my work. I think Hollywood corrupts actors and actresses too. Many change after being in the business. Money talks.

I hope Mr. Seagal remembers that the movies and music he makes will reflect his legacy forever. Who he is and was for always.

All of this makes me think of another favorite actor of mine who happens to share the same birthday as Mr. Seagal. Anyone who follows the movie path of the late Chuck Connors will notice that his earlier films and television shows were much better than his later ones. In the beginning he put his heart into his work. Showed who he was. As time passed he decided to use his looks to resemble another actor( Boris Karloff) with a stern jawed stone face look instead of using his own handsome features. Chuck Connors created a small legacy as a screen monster.(Information taken from "The Rifleman" by Christopher Sharrett.) I saw a couple of films and couldn't believe money was wasted to make them. The story line was really bad. Some even made Mr. Connors look bad. There were some that even his good acting couldn't save the movie. It just seemed that when he was trying to be like someone else his career popularity declined and when he was being himself and using HIS good looks and his talent for acting is when he was the most famous. How many people remember "The Rifleman?" "Branded?" The peak of his career. I don't recall Chuck Connors being the "star" or main character of the movies after that.

Mr. Seagal is still making movies. He needs to sit down and look at the films he has made and is making and decide if that is what he wants to be remembered for after his life here on earth is over.

If it is about the money....Money is a fine thing...but it can only last for a while. We can't take it with us when we die.
1 Timothy 6:10 and Matthew 6:24.

Do what you love from the heart (movies or music) not for money. I would really like to know why his movies have changed so much in the last six years? Do you still like making movies? Is it still a passion? Is music the new passion? Or is money talking?

With love and respect,
My husband likes Steven seagal movies,but thinks I go overboard watching them many times over.He said if I had the chance to be with Seagal I probably would go with him.I just smiled.


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LOL littlewolf!

Mr. Soul is a fan too, so it's no big deal. Most of the time, we watch Seagal's movies together. If there is an auto race on, I watch them alone in the other room! LOL!!!


Being single i dont have to even think about that but if i did have some one if he didnt like the idea that i feel the way about steven the way i do then he aint worth it...i would show him the door and tell him dont let it hit you on the ass on the way out..

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My wife (like me) used to enjoy watching his films (up to Exit wounds), then she quite quickly realised his movies were going bad, even though I kept making he watch them on the promise that 'this one will be better than the last'

Sadly they wern't, and she now refused to watch then, and as such, she hasn't watched Black Dawn and Mercenary for justice. (and i dint blame her really)

As far as fancying him, she never has, she didnt like the way he ran, and always suspected he had a hair problem.

My mum however, has always fancied him, 'OOooh, he's got something about him' (her words, not mine) but i have kept his new films away from her, so she only knows the Seagal of old.

I wish I did....


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I agree with you there. I wouldn't want my girlfriend to get the wrong idea about Seagal, so I keep his new films away though from some of the reviews she has read, I think she knows how bad they are already.


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Well- my friends did allways told me " I dream too much! " ( I just want to see him for real not in movie and pictures only !)


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If my girlfriend didn't like the movies of Seagal I'd dump her double quick. Who needs companionship anyway - we've got Seagal!


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I mean - what kind of a SICK FREAK of a girl wouldn't like Seagal? Only someone with the intelligence of a yogurt.

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If my hubby didn't like Steven Seagal it's just tough luck! I do, thats all that matters, my hubbys favorite is Olivia Newton John, but he watches Stevens films with me & he likes them! & he is going to his concert with me in January so he must like him, either that or he is too frightened to say anything? No I'm just joking, I think he is curious to see what Steven is like in Concert, & the only thing I can say is, if he sounds anything like songs from the 'Crystal Cave' he will be brilliant!!!

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My husband knows I fancy steven and is very good about it, but then I have to put up with Nigella Lawson (thinking mans crumpet apparently) but she seriously does my head in. I dont watch many films as Im not too into violent films, but do like his moves. However I could listen to his voice (and do all day) his guitar work is brilliant


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The partner that I had, always laughing me out for my worship of Steven no problems enymore, he's gone 6 month ago... and I'm looking at Steven's films when I want, and i enjoy myself with it....
I like also he's cd's, Mojo Priest and Songs of the Crystal caves, he's voice is very particular, and the words of he's songs full of wisdom and truth.
I just can say, keep do it Steven, we love you!
Peace and love.


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I recently started seeing a new girl who is a Vinnie Jones fan. I told her that he had been in a film with Seagal and she asked if we could watch it. I was hesitant as Submerged (2005) is hardly the best way to introduce someone to Seagal. We watched it though and my girlfriend basically couldn't stop laughing the whole way through at the sheer ineptitude and unintentional hilarity of the film. I promised we would watch some 'good' Seagal next time and I am thinking of showing her Out for Justice (1991)


I think asking a woman not to like Seagal is like asking a man not to like Angelina Jolie. Even though I think she's loopy and weird, I get the "attraction" part of it.

Seagal just has the "it" factor! :)


LBC;191294 said:
I think asking a woman not to like Seagal is like asking a man not to like Angelina Jolie. Even though I think she's loopy and weird, I get the "attraction" part of it.

Seagal just has the "it" factor! :)

So true LBC!