staring in one of Stevens films


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If you could star in one of Steven's films witch one and what part would you take and why

hard to kill would be my film and i would be Kelly Le brooks part the love interest
because just one look in to his eyes and I'm smitten


Ah, yes. Much better than one of the "bad guys" who end up knocked out on the ground or dead!


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I wouldn't like to be in a film so could I bagsy the role of his Personal Assistant? :)


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My pup is already protesting...she says...She's the only "mad bitch" around here. :D

tspoons;187459 said:
Erm...i would like to play a wife role...but also a mad Bitch role so i can fight with him!xx


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tspoons;187459 said:
Erm...i would like to play a wife role...but also a mad Bitch role so i can fight with him!xx

No reason why you can't be both at once.


The role i would like to play is the woman that he so badly wants but he knows is 'forbidden fruit'..and it just bugs the crap out of him because this time he aint getting what he wants...
On Deadly Ground or Fire Down Below

(On Deadly Gronund): I would be the Native American Sister, who helps Him (as Forrest Taft), stop that wicked oil company from killing/destroing People/Animals/Land, with their toxic waste!!!! Or I would be the Sister in (Fire Down Below), who helps Him(as Mr. Jack Taggart), defeat the wicked man who was killing the People/Land/Animals with their toxic cole mine waste!!! (I STAND UP for things like that , IN REAL LIFE!!!!! Including signing petitions to be sent to Senators/Congressment...and talking to them, in Person.... and financially supporting gourps who Stand up for Human/Land/Wildlife Rights & Protection-Wildlife/Ecosystem Preservation)!!!

Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey :yin:

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I would've loved to have played Seagal's best friend in Marked for Death. Star along him in the whole movie and have that awesome presence that Keith David always exerts.

If not him, then the goon in the blue jacket from Hard to Kill, just so I could have my arm snapped by The Great One.
Yes babygirl... If I was older would I like to be Kelly in Hard to kill :) But I have to keep dreaming about thoes stuff ( whit any one or Mr Seagal xP) Im just 13 xD haha

I would like to be Mr Seagal´s Doughter in Pistol Whipped :D :D

//From the S to the L, Seagal_lover <3


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Dont think i would like to be in one of his movies i had an say in the part i played and not the obivious either i would love to be some one to really give him such an ass whoopin that he needs :pand whom better then an chick to do that and he wouldnt want to be in one of my movies as he would do as he is told and by an woman :D:D sure he would..