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Steven Seagal Martial arts..

Discussion in 'Martial Arts' started by Roach24, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. qlasonyadukee

    qlasonyadukee New Member

    Steven Seagal downplays his martial arts prowess in the movies, because he wants to make the action as realistic and believable as possible, while still remaining entertaining. Other martial arts stars sometimes stray over the line from believability to sensationalism, but Mr. Seagal knows how to keep it real.
  2. photomouse14

    photomouse14 Guest

    I didn't know he did ALL of those. He is truly disciplined. (and sexy). I lvoe to see him with the sword or the part in Under Seige where he is knife fighting with Tommy Lee Jones. Great!
  3. bens85

    bens85 Active Member

    I thought maybe somebody who has contact with Joe Halpin could try to get some clarification from him as to any training that Mr Seagal has had outside of Japanese martial arts.
  4. charles

    charles Charles

    Ok, I wasn't sure where to post this question, but since it has to do with the martial art styles that Seagal uses, I thought I'd post it here. It has to do with the climatic fight in Under Siege 2. In the clip linked to below, at 3:41, right after the villian picks up the meat cleaver, what is Seagal doing? I've always wondered this ever since I first saw the film. His hands are open and moving in a kind of triangular motion. It does not look like Aikido or Karate. Looks a liittttle bit like Kali, but I'm no expert. Thanks in advance.

  5. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Donald Lee Wilkey A Steven Seagal fan

    Thanks qlas :)

    About time someone else studies Steven Seagal's fighting skills displayed in his films besides me.

    Steven Seagal is very believable and convincing both on and off screen.
  6. bens85

    bens85 Active Member

    I am not an expert either, but I have a keen interest in martial arts, so let me try my best to figure it out. Been a while since I saw this film.

    What you should remember is that not all the fighting you see on TV, in movies, is not necessarily related to a particular style, they use techniques that *look* good and dynamic on screen, the key being how it looks.

    So in saying that, these techniques may not be specific to any particular style. They're just blocks, but styled to look dynamic and strong on screen. In reality you may not need to wave your arms around to that extent to have effective technique. To consider that last point, perhaps you may watch some videos of Seagal training the MMA fighters to see what type of blocks he suggests in a real fight (well, for competition but there is a difference anyway).

    I hope this helps you in some way.
  7. bens85

    bens85 Active Member

    Well I have an interest in martial arts in general, so I do like to watch his techniques and try to pick up what he does against a particular style or technique I have seen elsewhere.

    My last post would be one example of how I review his techniques on film for my own interest.

    Of course, it's good to watch anyway.
  8. tenshinaikidoka

    tenshinaikidoka Martial Art Student

    Guys, he is doing Aikido!!! He is deflecting the attack and using the energy from that attack to control the subject!!! AIKIDO AIKIDO AIKIDO!!! I know it appears that he does many other things, but trust me, he is doing Aikido. Other than Aikido he has studied JUDO and KARATE. When he does movies, sometimes the fight choreographer has ideas of things to use, that may look or even be arts such as Tai Chi or have chinese influences. But please, beleive me when I say this, he has only studied AIKIDO, JUDO and KARATE!!!
  9. bacurrie45

    bacurrie45 Member

    tneshinaikidoka is correct just because it looks like something else doesn't mean it is and since he is affiliated with tenshin aikido and seagal he would no better than anyone if seagal had studied any other arts
  10. Donald Lee Wilkey

    Donald Lee Wilkey A Steven Seagal fan

    I just watched the 'special features' option of "Mercenary for Justice", and in his interview Steven Seagal acknowledges and confesses to incorporate various martial arts in all of his films. So, in fact Sensei Steven Seagal does display all types of martial art techniques from many different martial disciplines aside from aikido.
  11. SimonLustenberger

    SimonLustenberger Well-Known Member

    Seminar in Russia

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