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Steven Seagal Martial arts..

It's prolloy posted somewhere but I didn't see it.. Uhmm.. what Exactly does Steven Segal Know in martial arts? I want to learn it to badly ive been a fan since i was 4 and im 16 =P I want to learn to fight like him =/ Anyone know exactly what styles he does?


Die Hard Seagal fan!
Steven Seagal Sensei controls many martial arts, but Steven Seagal senseis primarely martial art he has studied and controls is Aikido with the Aikikai style.

He has studied this martial arts at a young age, and he has an 7th Dan degree in it, he also a master = sensei! But Seagal denys that he is a master already...

I hope I could have help you a bit, and I want to welcome you on The Unofficial Steven Seagal Forums! And I want to thank you for your intrest in Martial Art!

Have a nice night!

take care

greets take-sensei
" I want considerate people to listen to the

voice of aikido. It is not for correcting

others; it is for correcting your own


Morihei Ueshiba 1883-1969
Founder of Aikido

There are great words and believe them!
" I want considerate people to listen to the

voice of aikido. It is not for correcting

others; it is for correcting your own


Morihei Ueshiba 1883-1969
Founder of Aikido

Donald Lee Wilkey

A Steven Seagal fan
It appears to my scholastic studies, dvd, and vhs viewings of Steven Seagal that he u

ses internal or soft art techniques(bagua, hsing i, tai chi) to his displays in his recent films
Especially when his hands form open palm strikes to the aggressors in his movies
These are highly developed forms of self defense which involve the study of esoteric energy or chi development that improves one's martial arts practitions
Doesn't he do ju-jutsu, karate and other martial arts as well? Anyway, his fighting style is unique and I have noticed these techniques you refer to in his recent films take-sensei, they look cool!

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7th Dan Black Belt in Aiki-Kai Aikido.

Black Belt in ****o-Ryu Karate-Do under Master Fumio Demura, (received at a young age.)

Black Belt in Judo (one of Seagal's claims, in addition reported in various Black Belt magazine articles)

Black Belt in Kendo and an expert in Kenjitsu and Iado

Studied Sayoc Kali (knife fighting) with Dan Inosanto

And briefly studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the Machado Brothers on the set of Under Siege 2.
starmaiden;168647 said:
My God.....:eek:
all that he did ???????? I knew that he did "some" of these BUT not all???!!!! WOW...I did admire Steven soooooooooooo much , but now I DO MORE...:eek: .
Girl i know what you mean iam still finding out things about this guy and when it comes to martial arts well actins speak louder then words...there are some many kinds or martial arts and heres me thinking there was just one ..boy was i wrong..
Why dont you look into his biography iam sure that will tell any more if there is more ..he is am man of many talents martial arts just is an start have you heard his music?..hope that you find out what you want ...

Mama San

The post that started this thread was posted on September 2, 2006.....
Roach24 only made the one post.............
However......should he return for his 'answer' or someone else is
interested in the same information, I would suggest that you go to
Suzi's or Turboman's site at..........

http://stevenseagalism.tripod.com/ ..........Suzi's site

http://www.turboman.nl/ .....Turbo's site

Two beautiful sites with lots of pictures and loads of information!!!

God bless,
Mama san
Hi Mama san,

Many thanks for providing those above weblinks that take us to both comprehensive and great websites regarding Steven Seagal, as they are
exactly both the type and quality of websites that I had been originally looking for, but didn't come across during my last internet search. Although, one good thing did come out of my last internet search, which is that I actually came across your forum for the first time!
I remember reading an article years ago where it was claimed that Seagal held black belts in 7 different Martial Arts, with Aikido and Tai Chi being the ones he teaches. He has definately studied Kali, Karate, Judo and Kendo... Given the amount of time he spent in Japan in his younger days I can fully believe the 7 black belts claim.
steven has studied aikido obviously,karate do,judo,kendo,kenjutsu,kali (weapon and empty hand forms) hes also studied a few chinese systems which are evident in some of his later movies although no one knows what chinese systems but probably wing chun,tai chi and the soft internal arts


Martial Art Student
Seagal has studied....AIKIDO, KARATE and JUDO!!!!!!!! Kenjutsu (swordwork) is practiced in Aikido, as well as Jo work. He may have dabbled in other things, but these are THE ARTS he has studied to a more extensive (than dabbling) degree.