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Television Steven Seagal v Justin Lee Collins


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Thank you Craig.I remember this site I know and like much but I have problems for some time and I very busy.The picture is very friendly and Steven always great.:)

lee nicholson

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tspoons;206525 said:
I watched it too, and amongst my tears due to my split, i actually laughed out loud for the first time in ages! All my friends, even the ones who don't like Steven all shouted out " God Bless Steven" :) xx
Sorry to hear about your bad news, hope things ae looking a little rosier for you now?
Hey girl iam here if you want to talk..men can be such beasties som etimes..my ex husband is slowly coming to his senses he has to with his new wife and bubs ..marriage again for me NO WAY!!! iam set in my ways now ..the one will come along girl..