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Steven with real tears

Out For Justice is his best performance

NathanaelROUX;169955 said:
The proof by the picture, in out for justice !!!
I always said that his acting in Out For Justice was really his best acting ever.

Even Liam Neeson mention when he was asked about Seagal, that he watched Out For Justice and believe all the character´s acting, dialogue, emotions,etc...

Steven could act really better than he usually does.

I also like a lot the part of his acting in Belly Of The Beast when his kiss the ring of his finger, while he is lied on his bed of the hotel room, thinking about his kidnapped daughter and his died wife, at the same time that his daughter pray his mom to Jake find and rescue her.
He Nathanael you are right ,that is the first time that i see that Steven Seagal
craying ,his very best friend whas kill.i see that movie to,, that is the movie out for justice.