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Other Steven's Current Location - 2005

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suziwong said:
heeeeeeeeeeee !!!:p I was there !!!!! ;)
I keep telling people - suzi is always there! In hotels, she is hiding behind big plants and at concerts she will always be in the first row under the stage! Steven will never be able to hide from our own Super-Spy Suzi!
Dam he looks good in that pic...ummmm hey Suzi that pic of him in the background holding the guitar with that groovy blue ring..it looks fimilar do you remember sending it to any one?...


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Dam he looks good in that pic...ummmm hey Suzi that pic of him in the background holding the guitar with that groovy blue ring..it looks fimilar do you remember sending it to any one?...
heeeeeeee:p I didn't !!!:D


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Found the Japan material. Thanks for your patience!

Current as of October 31, 2005 2:09 p.m.



October 25 - Actor Steven Seagal arrives to promote his album 'Songs From The Crystal Cave' in Bangkok October 25, 2005. Seagal, whose first music video 'Girl It's Alright' was produced in Thailand, is in Bangkok (source: suziwong)

October 22 - Steven Seagal sings during a rehearsal for the 'No Wars but Celebration!' event in Tokyo, Saturday 22 October 2005. Supported by the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund, this event's aim was to promote the abolition of all nuclear weapons on the year marking the 60th anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (source: suziwong)

DID NOT TAKE PLACE - October 21 - (Unconfirmed) - Expected to attend Cinematheque's Annual Gala in Los Angeles (source: suziwong)

October 19 - Steven at "Peace" Press conference at Japan, October 19, 2005 (source: suziwong)

September 18 - Memphis - Attended a private party in Collierville (source: suziwong)

September 15 - Friars Club, Los Angeles - Attended and was a presenter at "Sounds of the Sacred, Songs of the Earth" Awards Gala (source: suziwong)

September 12 - New Orleans, assisting local law enforcement as a sworn deputy

August 14 - Dinner at Applebee's Bar and Grill in Hartsville, South Carolina (source: suziwong)

August 6 - actor Steven Seagal cools off with a small ventilator in the flood-damaged village of Milcovul, 190 km (118 miles) northeast of Bucharest. While in Romania to film German director Michael Keusch's movie 'Shadows of the past', Seagal handed over a convoy of goods from an auction to raise funds for the victims of a flood that hit Romania a month ago. (source: suziwong)

July 30 - Steven Seagal went with 14 persons and in a Limousine Mercedes to Restaurant Arcade in Bucharest. Dinner menu: shrimp cocktail, Spinach sote, mushrooms and vegetables with graten sauce... (source: the indefatiguable and incomparable Super-Spy suziwong!)

July 29-30 - Attended Fashion TV Summer Festival July 29-30, 2005 with well-known designer Romanian Rita Muresan at Club Melody in Mamaia-Romania. (source: suziwong)

July 27 - In Romania, participating in Live for life concert for flood victims and will be in Romania for the next two months shooting a film. (see next item below). (source: suziwong)

July 26 - 9.00 pm. He went to Balthazar Restaurant in Bucharest with 7 bodyguards and he ate sushi !!! (source: suziwong)

July 25/26 - Shooting "Shadows of the Past" in Romania. (source: Suziwong)

Steven Seagal is the third Hollywood action-movie star expected to shoot in Romania at the end of this month, after Jean Claude Van Damme and Wesley Snipes who have already got used to living in Bucharest.

Action-movie star and martial arts master Steven Seagal is expected in Romania at the end of this month, to prepare for the main part he is going to play in the “Toyman” production, according to cineplus.ro, a Romania film website.

July 16- Steven Seagal in San Fransisco, hosting 'Full Circle' to Return 'Atomic Flame' Walk. He will also narrate the documentary to be made from the walk. (source: suziwong, from a press release by Steven Seagal's publicist)

July 6 - Steven Steven Seagal attended Hustle and Flow Premiere. "Hustle and Flow" - Memphis Premiere - Afterparty at
Issac Hayes' Nightclub and Restaurant, Memphis, Tennessee (source: suziwong and Serena)

May 29 - 2005 FedEx St. Jude Classic - Final Round, The Players Club at Southwind, Memphis, Tennessee United States. Steven Seagal tries a 20-ft putt to win $50,000 for St. Jude's hospital after the golf tournament was over. "The ball went in," said Seagal. "And then it came out."

May 11 - Steven, visited the hospital and the Finkelela Children's Centre in Khayelitsha. He has been in Cape Town filming the movie Mercenary.

Dressed in a brown-and-gold silk mandarin jacket and accompanied by an entourage of 15 assistants, bodyguards and Buddhist monks, Seagal toured the hospital and met several children.

May 1 - Back in Ghana (source: suziwong. See photos in thread http://www.steven-seagal.net/forum/showthread.php?t=5758&page=1&pp=15

April 12-30 - Filming Mercenary in South Africa

April 11 - Stopover in Accra, Ghana on his way to South Africa to film Mercenary (source: sugust)

April 1 - Mercenary begins filming (source: hofmae) (Location: South Africa) Start date changed from February 1 and changed again from March 1.

March 31 - Memphis, Tennessee (source: Ginning Cotton)

February 28 - Still at home in L.A.

February 13 - Attended Usher's private Grammy Party, Geisha House, Hollywood, California

February 13 - Attended William Morris Agency Post-Grammy Party at Avalon

February 13 - Attended 'Jammin for Ray' Post-Grammy party for Ray Charles, at Spagos in Beverly Hills.

February 12 - Attended Clive Davis' pre-Grammy Awards party (source: suziwong)

February 11 - Attended Tsunami Benefit Concert (source: suziwong)

January 20-23 - Attended NAMM (International Music Products Assocation) show, Anaheim California

January-February - Filming "Black Dawn", location: some scenes shot in San Diego.


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My dearest friend TD,

on November 17
Steven was at club Crystal (Kristal) in Bucharest with Roamanian singer Anda Adam.. She is one of famous blues/soul singer..
I couldn't learned what they talked yet !!! ;)
for your information

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