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Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

I too hope he has still enough tiger in that tank and keeps making movies hell yes and of course i dont want him keeling over from being unfit but iam sure that he is keeping up his fitness ..
Some here have asked if i have heard whats happening with 'true justice' ? well no one has bothered to get back to me so dont know..sure he may be busy but sh.it alint we all but when and if i hear anything i will let here know ..
Thanks Craig ...great pic ..i know i can talk when i say be good if they could spell his name right ( : i did hear from Joe and he said that Steven is in an good mood so looks like full steam ahead.. and other news the rumour that has been floating around of Steven being an dad again soon is false.. maybe Elle is still carrying some weight after the birth of her son i know my sister in law took nearly an year to get rid of it after her son was born..or maybe Elle is just chunking up abit wont hurt..