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Other Steven's Current Location - 2010


YES, briefly are the hair already. But I find this not bad. Looks, nevertheless, very good.
Maybe the hair becomes slowly less. Steven will be soon 60 years old. smile

Hi everybody,

if I find something on the Internet, I divide this with pleasure with other Fan's.
I would like to say something else to the hair.
In the new pictures the hair is not too short. As we thought. I think that a source of light in the stadium on Stevens was a hair seemed.



Active Member
Hey i have a question is Vancouver a good place to film tre justice like i kno their could have been better places but is that still a good place to film it
I know where he could film his movies but its just an waste of time saying it so i wont.. the place i have in mind has some fantastic places to film and iam sick of hearing of him going to film where its gonna make money sh.it money isnt everything... just his presnence would be the mean alot.. if other stars can come well why should he be any different ohh i forgot his EGO!!!!!! ..or is he too scared to venture out..