Stuntman/choreographer of Submerged speaks out against Seagal

George Karlukovski who was the stuntman/choreographer of Submerged speaks out against Seagal.
I'm typing this up right now from the Martial Arts Illustrated July 2007 edition that I'm reading right now.

Q: You've worked with numerous action stars-getting hold of Steven Seagal, Vinnie Jones and Gary Daniels for one movie must have been some feat.
'Honestly it was a damn headache, the problem is Gary is a darling, a really nice dedicated guy who shows up on time, is talented and will give you everything. Vinnie thinks he is God's gift to fighting and Steven is well Steven.....scripts got changed at the last minute, there's a scene where Vinnie Jones dukes it out with Seagal, punching him about, bruising him and grazing him, im working on it with Vinnie and Seagal's stunt double Dian Hristov, then Seagal steps in and says 'This won't work, the audience won't beleive he[Jones] could beat me up like that'..I ask him what he means he says 'Exactly that it won't work, the hero can't get battered by someone who doesn't know the martial arts I do' this point Vinnie tries to calm the storm in his Brit accent joking 'Come on mate, I would give you a run for your money' and Seagal looks at him like death and says 'No you wouldn't'..then Jones turns away disgusted and mutters *beep* under his breath.

The director steps in but the fuse has been thing we know the whole scene has been written out. Vinnie is gossiping with his other Brit co stars how he 'can take Seagal' and everything goes haywire, Vinnie is doing his scenes and Steven is muttering and murmuring so much the boom mike can't pick up what he's saying-at one point I was really afraid they would get it on for real. It would have made for a better film I tell you

Q: Gary Daniels though was a different person to deal with?
'Yeah poor Gary was the lead villian until Seagal wrote him out, then at least he was promised a good fight scene with Seagal but seagal was against that too, Gary was saying 'Let me try this kick and this and this' and Steven says 'NO that wouldn't work, my character would kick your a*s and that's that'. Gary was unhappy and so was I: i mean how can i choreograph a scene that ends with Gary being beaten up in twenty seconds? It was hard and Gary held his pride I'll give him that.

Q: I've heard stories Seagal hits his stuntmen and beats them up?
'That's sort of true, him and Dian have a good relationship, but with me he was quite obstinate, at one point I had a big fellow to do this fight scene with him-a Russian wrestler-and Steven says 'This is not going to happen, the fight would be too one sided and it'll look fake'..only reason he said that was because the Wrestler was managing to hurt Seagal but gripping him too tight. So Seagal brought in one of his bodyguards-this big black guy and they did the scene themselves'
Stuntmen on the sets of Seagal movies have been known to lie too. Stephen Quadros has also made some abuse accusations agains Seagal in the past as well. Here is the article, word for word:

"Steven Seagal has hit out at a former co-star's claims he abuses stuntmen on his movies. Fight trainer Stephen Quadros has accused Seagal of injuring actors and kicking guys nuts to see if they were wearing cups. But Seagal is furious: "Whoever said that would never say that in front of me or in front of anyone. That is a complete lie." "Someone probably has issues with me, or he's a pathological liar who's trying to hurt me because his wife liked me or because I'm taller than him. Whoever said that is a little poofter bitch lying piece of s**t.
There are a lot of crazy stories out there about Seagal. Dont believe all of them.

Mama San

Yep! 'They' come out with this kind of crap when
they find their 'names' don't have the pull they
once had or not enough pull as they feel they
Besides I doubt they would say these things to
Steven's face. Bad mouthing someone is easy
to do if you're not facing them!
Besides, we've heard all this before. So far all
God bless,
Mama san


Thats one thing i hate is 'backstabbers' what an gutless piece of work if he said what he wanted to stevens face he might have smashed it in might have been an improvement and he would have deserved it ...i was brought up if you cant say some thing nice once in an while dont say anything at all..

Donald Lee Wilkey

A Steven Seagal fan
GK and several stunt persons and famous martial artists from lower disciplines insult Steven Seagal because they ain't doing their homework on aikido and end up disgruntled/injured when Sensei Steven Seagal tries to educate them on the film sets and fight choreography, they all try to twist out of Sensei Seagal's grasp or just don't listen, and boom they've learned the hard way(Sean Connery is a perfect example)
GK and the rest are all jealous because they see the amount of success Steven Seagal has achieved and established, and they want to be like Sensei Steven Seagal, and they know he is better than them, and Steven Seagal knows what he is professing and doing on his film sets


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This probably did happen. I mean, you hear the same story about Seagal each film, how he changes scripts and writes out scenes. People don't just say that about Seagal over and over again if it isn't true.

It's obvious Seagal and Vinnie Jones have huge egos. I would put money down that this story is true. Plus, who would sit down for an interview with a respected martial arts magazine, and lie about his on-set experience with Seagal? I definitely believe this story.


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Steven Seagal is not God, just a human being with a lot of gifts, but being a human being he makes mistakes too and from time to time would touch his darkside. Nobody is perfect, but some humans have very big egos and act like that, instead of being modest and know that we merely are a temporary appearance in this universe.


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Yeah I think there is some truth, come on lets not get blinded by our fandom, we can all be difficult sometimes and we can all have an ego, Seagal included.

Mama San

TwoCents;177307 said:
Yeah I think there is some truth, come on lets not get blinded by our fandom, we can all be difficult sometimes and we can all have an ego, Seagal included.

I wouldn't give ya'
"two cents" :D for
a man without an ego!
God bless,
Mama san
Seagal was much more cockier in his younger days. He looked for challenges and people to test much like Bruce Lee did in his early days. Seagal had quite a reputation for taking on any and everyone during his days in Japan. He was the baddest mofo on the block. Nowadays he has calmed down a lot and would never pick a fight or challenge anyone to a fight and under no circumstances fight a loudmouth unless he was attacked. Hes more concerned with the spiritual side of his martial arts nowadays.


steven seagal has endured alot in his film career. i feel sorry for the hateful people that meet up with steven seagal down the road in a private atmosphere after all they've said in magazines and television to dishonor steven seagal. they either going to have to apologize to steven seagal or 'show steven seagal what they've got after they've got nothing left'. only a select few can make it to the top in movies like steven seagal and clint eastwood. the rest just have to sit back and envy or learn.


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I find it easier to disbelieve these stories than believe them. I read up on every bit of factual info I can find about Steven, and watch him being interviewed several times. Steven comes across as a caring, sensitive man. He's intelligent and quite bright. He's also a perfectionist who can often see what will work best in a scene etc. on a movie. Naturally, you'll get people who resents him having things his own way, and think that by making up stories about him, they'll get him a bad name. He's hardly going to attack people in the way they say, just for the sake of it, now is he? I doubt it. While rehearsing, people might sometimes get hit where they were not meant to, these things are bound to happen with every actor, not just Steven. But deliberately? I don't think so, after all he's not crazy, is he? I think it's so sad that people feel the need to say things like that about the guy. Steven, you're a beautiful human being, and I, and my friends all believe in you, babe.


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It wouldn't surprise me at all, to be honest. Some actors who are known for a certain kind of role get very protective of how they are seen onscreen and there have been many reports from movie sets over the years of how actors demand script changes during production. And as Steven would most likely be very protective of his screen persona, I don't find it hard to believe that he would do this. This is not uncommon behaviour with actors who know that a films success depends on their name appearing above the title. Besides, hasn't it been reported elsewhere that Steven allegedly caused delays on the production of Executive Decision when he didn't want his character to die?


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Yeah, but changing scripts etc. is not a bad thing if the changes turn out to make for a better movie. Like I said before, Steven is a perfectionist, and if he sees how a scene would be improved by his imput, then I can understand where he'd be baffled as to why others can't. But that's a far cry from him attacking members of a film crew, now isn't it? And I don't blame him for not liking the idea of being killed off five minutes into a movie, after all, he is Steven Seagal, and any of his real fans who sees his name in the billing of a film would naturally expect him to be the star of that movie. I could've cared less about the rest of that film Executive Decission after he was killed off. I still don't get that movie , that Steven was a mere guest star in it !!! I wonder how they got him to agree to that in the end. And as an avid fan of Steven's, I will always give him the benefit of the doubt, always!!!


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SeagalAddict;177610 said:
"..... I could've cared less about the rest of that film Executive Decission after he was killed off. I still don't get that movie , that Steven was a mere guest star in it !!! I wonder how they got him to agree to that in the end....."


It was a Kurt Russel movie and he did it as
a favor for his friend, Kurt Russel.
And from what I've heard ........ for him "not wanting to be killed off"
in the first of that picture..... he knew from the get-go that this was
a part of the story line. I don't believe he had any problems with it.
But the press, of course, had their own ideas! Just remember, the
press believes they know everything!!! And ..... what they're not sure
of they make-up!
At one time it was an honor to be a member of the fourth estate. However,
that was quite a while ago, so that now-a-days they can't tell the truth
from a lie!
God bless,
Mama san