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Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

Mystery Mom

Queen of the Mist
Sue, have faith

You will understand and appreciate UJ only AFTER you have spent a day watching Shadowman, Attack Force and Flight of Fury one after the other.

If you came to this movie after watching Under Siege, then you have a legitimate complaint.

Each of the above movies, that were his last three before UJ, were a fast spiral into movie hell for Steven Seagal. None were good in most respects and only a couple of them had a flash of redemption in a scene here and there.

UJ is a BIG step back to what Mr. Seagal is capable of giving his fans and we all hope this dedication is carried into his next two productions.

That is the main reason that many became enthused over the release and showing of UJ.

Steven seems to like working with Don FauntLeRoy. Easily seen by checking out the productions they have worked on together - there have been improvements in each of the films - UJ being the best yet.

So, m'dear, have faith - take our word for it - UJ was a good offering.
Hey thats ok girl not everyone is going to be taken with it like you said maybe you were just tired and moody..i know iam pissed ..any way watch it again and then get back to us hey?..


c/o naughty corner
Thanks girls, I see your point about it being a big improvement and I will watch it again (and again and again) and see what I think then.

Myst why would you do that to yourself? I mean watching Shadowman, Attack Force and Flight of Fury one after the other if they are so bad? I only remember watching Flight of Fury but I might have seen the others and wiped them from my memory.


c/o naughty corner
I don't think I've seen Exec Decision yet but it's only a short part in that isn't it? I guess his name sells but perhaps they can't afford much of him hence the cameos and any bit of him is better than none in a film.
I guess your right there girl...as long as they dont make an habit of him being in an movie just in an cameo part too often or there in big trouble..and it wont be the guys on there backs but us GIRLS!!!

Lord of Snaps

This movie is positively fantastic! The squibs are absolutely herrendous and has so many holes being put into a single person that even John Woo would tell Seagal to slow down!


Smile dammit!
Watched Renegade Justice 2 days ago. I thought it was his best in a longgg time,back to Seagal at his revenge-seeking,bone crunching best. The language is very adult,as you'd expect with L.A gang culture,and the action,while maybe not always realistic is really well done. Gets my vote!

I see not a lot has changed here. The big guy is still making movies and i thought Flight Of Fury was a pretty decent flick too. Sue,i don't count Executive Decision as a Seagal film. He's not in it long before he is out of it,lol. It's Kurt Russell's movie really.

Mama San

Hey!!! Storm!!!
Long time, no read....
How ya' doing, Buddy??
I'm hangin' in there...
Hope you are doing the same!!
Keep on Truckin'
God bless,
Mama san/Casey


c/o naughty corner
Storm;181187 said:
Sue,i don't count Executive Decision as a Seagal film. He's not in it long before he is out of it,lol. It's Kurt Russell's movie really.
Thanks for that Storm, I won't get my hopes up too high before I watch it.

I've watched Renegade Justice about 8 times now so I must like it but has anyone else noticed some of the roses disappear off the coffin near the beginning of the film? while the parents are standing there talking someone must be nicking them!


c/o naughty corner
But you are sneaky!

You might have me watching it for something which is not there!

But then again any excuse :D
Well i shall try again shall i and this time it better post..It was an brillant movie when he got shot my friends and i thought ohh sh.it not another E.D...This guy i tell you he is like an bull elephant no one can take him down ..Steven you made this girl very happy and cant wait for your next masterpiece and to all the other people that made this happen great stuff...i envy those not like me can watch it any time i just hired it from an video store sadly gotta give it back tommorrow..
Did any one else pick up this blooper its an night shot and when he pulls into where he is hanging out i noticed that one of his tail lights was out on his car and thats before it gets shot out...one of my friends said shall we ring him and tell him you know what the police are like on bung tail lights ..see how observant we are..

Lord of Snaps

I missed that like a blind archer.

Is it me or is the shell that flies from the car in the beginning look EXTREMELY fake? Don't shells fly from the side of the gun?
Now that i didnt notice..my mind must have been elsewhere at that point..i didnt mean to look for any bloopers just happened...like in an real old classic movie many years ago called 'Ben Hur' the chariot driver wearing an wrist watch..in that era i dont think they were invented ..sun dials so they would know what time of day it was yes but wrist watches pleaseee...
there is another blopper.. someone of the crew enters the screen to early ;P (left side) its near the end, when seagal smashs down the three guys (where he find the weapon who killed his son) and switches the room to his young buddy
Oooopsss what have i started ...maybe i shouldnt have said anything but then you dont see these little hiccups then they dont know how to make sure it doesnt happen again..the movie was still fantastic ..he is the main man always..i must admit i didnt notice that one bellyofb...