who here smokes? (not weed)


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well im pretty sure that a few of you guys smoke,
if you do how often do you smoke,
what brand and how strong is your smokes.

and if u dont smoke...do you hate smokers...do u not mind them or what?
(just gotta make it intersting for the non smokers)

p.s sorry for posting this in general i tried posting it in off topic but it wouldnt let me :( so if someone could move it it would be appreciated


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I don't smoke. Never have. Did try it once to see what all the fuss was about and decided it was a disgusting habit and never tried it again.

My parents smoked, though. For the first 21 years of my life, I was sucking back second hand smoke on a daily basis - both my parents were two-pack-a-day smokers. As a result, I developed severe allergies to just about anything I breathed, and ended up having to take allergy shots for a number of years, which have alleviated my reactions somewhat. I should go back for another round, but I can't afford to.

Before and after leaving home, and throughout my 20s and 30s, I suffered from ear infections (a side-effect of second hand smoke) and had one chest infection after another, culminating in a really bad bout of pneumonia. Once I stopped taking antibiotics, however, the frequency and severity of the chest infections diminished. I still get ear infections, but not as often. However, I'm still really susceptible to any respiratory ailment and particularly to the flu, and each round of flu has been worse than the last (the last time being 1998, which lasted for nearly four weeks. I should have been in hospital, but was too sick to get up and call an ambulance!), so now I'm first in line when flu shots become available in the fall.

Smoking is a really filthy habit that affects more people than just smokers. I wish smokers would understand this instead of whining about how hard done-by they are whenever a new anti-smoking by-law comes out restricting the public places in which they are allowed to smoke.


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I smoke Marlboro menthol or the pipe or a few "lonewolf" cigars from time to time!


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I smoke but I am a strange smoker!! Have never smoked in my house or allowed anyone else to! So I smoke according to the weather, if it is to hot or cold to go out I don't smoke much!
I have never smoked where it would effect my kids no second hand smoke in there lungs ,and can not take two people in a car smoking, if someone is with me we take turns!!
It is a filthy habit and one I would love to give up! I did both times when I was pregnant cold turkey, never even wanted one! But once I got home back at it!

I want smoke with friends who do not smoke and want smoke in public places unless it is a good distance away from non smokers!


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I don't smoke. I do hang out by the back door with the smokers at work. (Why not? The employee handbook says you can have two 15 minute smoke breaks...one before and one after lunch...I just take a cup of green tea with me!) I love the smell of cigars and clove cigarettes....if you're smoking either of those near me, I'll ask you to blow some my way....

However, I would encourage smokers to quit. My grandmother recently died of lung cancer, and she smoked. Watching her struggle for each breath was more than I could bear. She was using these two big oxygen tanks, and couldn't be off of them for any amount of time.


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It really is an anti social habit,the only one i can think of that you inflict on others.I hate cigarette smoke,espescially in a club or something if it's thick. Even passive smoking is deadly so smoking is a menace!


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i do!but a few fags a day are harmless!
it's not worse than drinking or driving fast or bungee jumping or
swimming in the Sea or eating wild seafood!!! :D :D :D :cook: :cook: :cook:


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Lonewolf said:
i do!but a few fags a day are harmless!
it's not worse than drinking or driving fast or bungee jumping or
swimming in the Sea or eating wild seafood!!! :D :D :D :cook: :cook: :cook:

Would you rather have a fence with holes in it, or a fence with no holes in it?... :D