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  • Hi Kat
    I have been having real problems with my broadband. I bought a new up to date touch computer, as I have been clamping along with an old one for years and decided to treat myself ! But because I live in the heart of the country, I am now experiencing connection problems to my internet. Currently, I had to disconnect my Sky Box, in order to just go on line to check out my emails and to check SS site. I feel that I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms when I am not in touch with SS site in awhile - incredible !! Losing your messages is horrible - hope to sort this out ! See you later.
    Hi Katalin,

    Thank you so much for the link to those beautiful panda pictures. I love them. They are so cute and I saved them to my computer.

    Almost 5!!I am impressed.

    Have a great day


    hi sue, i love pandas, thank you. I received a whole serie of them. if you want i can email to you, do you want it? then send me please your email address. have a nice day Katalin:yin:
    Hi, the panda looking over the gate caught my eye. I like it, I feel like we are kin with our avatars. :)

    I really like that pic of the doves and the angel, very peaceful and beautiful.

    Hi Katalin,

    So how many languages do you speak? I speak german and english. Of course my english is better then my german. Don't get to speak german much.

    Sometimes I need angel wings to carry me too Katalin.

    You have a great day!:)

    hello dear my friend, thanks! good job! i'm a tiny spirit fulfillinf my destiny just in uk and am freelancer..beside healing i do tuition of languages also German for example and do interpretations... quite interesting to meat people..hope in the future to move further into us..but ihave to wait for angels wings to carry me there...have a nice day ! Katalin
    I work at an atterney-at-law's office in research.Before that I worked at a nursinghome in medical records.

    I was born and raised in Germany and live in Kansas,USA.

    Nice hearing from you!!:)
    Just stopping by to say hello, saw your name on my page!!

    I love your angel!! Beautiful!!:) I love angels myself and I do collect angels. Have them all over my house!!
    Hello this angel is very beautiful,iam Lutje from antwerp belguim,
    and i have yahoo olso to,,if you like i give that to you
    let me no that my adress want.and i want to be your friend.
    dear coleen, since middle of july i had like 20guests in my house from the continent. you can imagine how busy i was!!! now i try to recap to my regular life and thanks anyway for your thoughts to me. keep in and i started to write my book...
    I took this last night when I was out on my birthday bash - met up with him at the local pub !! I should go out more often ....................
    Hi CJ
    Thanks for reply - good to know that other people share my 'passion' on the 'mighty one' that I obey at all times ! Looking forward to any info regarding 'Big Guy' visits to UK (or little old ireland !) By the way do you like my new photo - drop dead gorgous or what !!!
    Hi CJ _ just popped by to say 'hello'. I was living in London for 14 years and returned to Ireland 2 years ago. I have been a fan of 'Big Guy' Seagal since 1988, when I saw 'Above the Law' (Nico). I didn't have this place to share information about SS, so I actually never knew that he had come to London - I am gutted (to say the least) that I have missed my chance of meeting 'Big Guy'. If by any chance you find out that he is revisiting UK again..... please please let me know - Cheers
    Hi CJ,

    You sound nice with lots of great things to say. Thank you for the kind words about Him. That made my day as well as a new friend.
    just like me...but where can he be? usually there is a too big silence around him now..isn't it? I also wait for the news about his visit very much...have fun, tspoons!
    Yes i have a pet Rat called Squiggle, she is ssssoooo cute and such an individual character.
    log in on this site nearly everyday but don't always post.
    I just can't wait until Steven visits the uk again!...Just hope we have plenty of notice when tour dates come out...or if they do even come out! xx
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