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    The Heavy Metal Thread!!

    I've seen a lots of metal bands at the ozzfests and local concert places. I've never seen Megadeth either though. I'm not sure when I'm going to see a concert again now that I'm single I really don't have anyone to go with. I really wanted to see Nine Inch Nails and The Rolling Stones this...
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    Well, in time, hopefully one way or another will work out. I really don't care which it is.
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    Thanks for all your responses. As things keep turning out to be heading nowheres regarding relationships I'll probably be thinking more and more about getting involved in something like that because it doesn't seem as difficult as searching in real life. Course, I started going to a club and...
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    I just finished reading A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and I really enjoyed that. That was a few weeks ago so who knows when I'll pick up another book and what it will be.
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    The Horror/Slasher movie thread!

    I wouldn't say that freddy vs jason was a dissapointment. It is actually better than SOME of the original insallments in both series in my opinion.
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    Has anyone on here ever tried using or known someone who has? I was thinking out of trying that out for the free 3 days but I wanted to know if anyone has. If it's no good than I'm not sure I want to risk getting charged after the 3 day period if the company is phoney. Just wondering...
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    Van Damme to star in new Asterix movie.

    Well, if I'm not watching new Seagal movies anymore you can bet your ass that I'm not watching new Van Damme movies. In Hell was a decent movie and for me, that is probably the last of his I'll watch. I'd rather watch a mediocre Seagal movie than a good Van Damme movie for the most part. I...
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    half past dead soundtrack

    This soundtrack was never released. I recommend watching the ending credits where you will find a list of all the songs and composers who were featured in the film.
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    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    Good ol' Seagal - Rockin' the boat. Kinda sounds as though the production companies are looking for an excuse to quit the movies and make a few bucks in the process. Guess we now know what quality of movies are coming out - more of the same. The reason I still come to this site is because I...
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    Trained in Aikido last night

    Well, it's been a while since I've gone to aikido. I'm thinking about going tonight. I don't know what they'll think of me not being there for 2 weeks though. I've just been having problems with motivation and my work schedule keeps changing. What's worse is that I have this whole week off...
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    Seagal Gets Serious With New Album !!

    When will his first solo album be officially released in America? Will he release his next album officially in America?
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    Submerged - review

    Well, I think you all know my thoughts on this. I don't really give good reviews to any Seagal movie after Exit Wounds. For some reason my parent's rented Submerged to watch themselves. Funny that I really had no interest in bothering. I watched about a half an hour of the movie and find...
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    The Mark Dacascos Thread.

    I'm a fan of Marc Dacascos as well though, he hasn't made too many movies that I have liked. It's a shame because he really could do quite a bit. I'd like to beat the people up that made Cradle 2 la Grave and put Jet Li and Marc Dacascos in another movie but this one will have a well written...
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    Team America

    "Pearl Harber sucked....Just a little more than I miss you."
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    Why are there dubbing Seagal´s voice in movies?

    I think you just about hit the answer on the nose with that.