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  • Oh no! So many people have been leaving you messages that I have been wiped off your front page! :eek: Now you are going to have to hope they write more messages to you again. :D

    Haven't caught you here for a few days and wanted to say 'hi' and hope things are going well with you.

    Do you think tinsel IN the refridgerator is decorating another step too far? :p
    Hi Anneliese

    thanks for the Happy Holidays wishes, and back at you!
    How're things in Kansas? Do you have lots of snow yet?
    Dear Ann, dear Purpose,
    why I'm back. Thanks for your kind message. Also wishing you my best season's greetings, but later I'd like to send something more else...Keep in touch. lots of hugs, Kat
    My pleasure and I do mean this, when you do decide if you do want to learn it, i will write a method and a plan for you, and i will say now in a years time you will be conversational in the language and speaking almost as free as you do with english
    Im not saying that being there is not the fastest way, but i also had a way that worked just as fast, maybe because i was obsessive about learning it to the best i could, so now when i speak to people on the phone in japan or call the Japanese embassy they think i am native until i tell them my name, if you want to learn french in the future i would be glad to help and give adivice to you.
    i could argue with that point although, it is an excellent way the way i learnt without going there was basically bringing japan or france to me, i would do everything i could in the target language and only spoke english when i had to, i was listening to audio all day almost 24hrs and reading alot and making friends in the language when you force yourself to not speak english and use the language you want to learn it becomes much faster for you
    For learning Korean i am learning it through Japanese rather than English, so learning a word or sentence or writing i look it up in Japanese, so i am leanring in my 3rd language to learn my 4th, it makes it more fun
    get yourself a good dictionary german/french, get 1000s of hours of audio material, wether it be music books drama films, always have it playing, when you do learn a word learn it with a sentence that way you get used to the grammar without actually learning grammar rules.
    French you would be able to learn pretty fast, if you do ever start to learn it, stay away from textbooks that goes for all languages
    Hi Ann, i speak English, French,Japanese all to fluency (Read Write Speak), some German as of late and have started Korean as my 4th language to learn.

    Yes, I am ready for the holidays, we are going south to see family.

    He really doesn't need enhancing, huh? LOL
    its ok, this place is behind the times, need email notification for activity I think. Would be easier to be reminded to show up from time to time.
    Ah, so you saw the one I was talking about. I don't like it....I don't know about you. He's a very nice looking man. He looks different than he did when he was younger but either way he's very good looking. The alterations on the pictures (and they are always altering his photos these days) do not necessarily flatter him. They just look fake.
    I didn't do any Christmas shopping but I only have a few bits left to get. I still don't know what they are yet, you know those few difficult things to buy. I am glad to hear you have got yours done and the weather was in your favour. :)
    Hi Ann
    I'm trying to catch up with the weekend's posts but I saw you logged in so I wanted to say 'Hi' and not be rude.



    I hope you had a good weekend. I did. Wine. Apple strudle. Waffles ..... heaven :)
    aaahh thank you very much Anneliese for these sweet messages (a)
    So nice of you to wish me a happy birthday on the day of my birth :D

    take care

    greets Take Sensei
    Thanks Ann and I'm sure the wine will keep me warm, along with the coat, hat, scarf, gloves, ....
    Have a good weekend. :)
    Hi Anne,
    Much better, all the blood work came back fine. I am too healthy. Thinking it may have been a bit psychosomatic.

    Have you seen the new Steven.com website? I didn't realize it had been updated. The pic on the home page is fantastic of Steven but he looks as if he's had something "done" not sure what's different. It appears he's lost weight but the face looks a little too fresh.
    What do you think?
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