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  • Hi Ann, i whis you good health and very mutch good luck and happynes in 2009.
    ,, HAPPY NEW YEAR ,, my friend and XXX
    Take Care my very best friend.
    Thank Ann for your whisses ,all the evening i whas cooking for my visit and my famely and i celebrate at midnicht ,and the celebrate whas done on5 aclock in the morning.
    I whas realy tyred, this whas a very wonderful chrismas for me and thank you my friend.
    Happy Hollyday's for you to Ann and your famely.
    MARRY CHRISTMAST from me and my famely.
    Hi Anneliese
    Just stopped by to say, best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    hey girl thank you and merry christmas and a happy new year to you and yours..i am living with my dad so i have been busy and i got engaged so i am happy about that..i miss yall so much and i will try and be on more....much love to you...Andrea
    Hi Anne,
    I am feeling much better, My husband has called every day telling me how much he misses me. Then today he called and said he remembers why we don't live near our folks. I think he's had enough of VACATION. So glad I didn't go...because I am not feeling up to the mental stress.
    He was telling me...
    My father in law is sooo nice and he comes to see us every summer up here. This visit my husband said his Dad is nice to all the folks at the nursing home when they go to visit my husbands mothers mother and her brother. He said his mother complains that my father in law is nice to other folks there too. My husband said he is just disappointed with her selfishness. My husband and children totally see her attitude, I feel so sorry for her. She is missing out, she has no friends and is miserable. Tonight we talked about how we have taught our children to be compassionate and they are. Grandpa is a good example. As well as my Parents.
    You came.
    You went.
    You didn't chat. :D or you tried to and it wouldn't let you again. :p :p
    Catch up with you another time.
    Sorry for the delay of my reply .-
    MERRY Christmas AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 .-
    When I mean eat a lot i mean eat all day for 10 days straight, since my body is not used to eating that much of what i like it tends to put the weight on very easy unfortunately and people cannot believe how i look when i come back to work, but i think you are very fortunate to be able to eat most things and not gain weight.
    I ate everyday what i wanted all day, which was chocolate, crisps, sweets, drink so i gained a fair amount of weight i do it every year, it has become some what of a tradition
    Time you went because you've been looking at MCs six pack too much :p He's certainly worked hard on that and I think we should follow his example. I mean go and find a drunk man and take photos of his tummy. You didn't think I'd mean work out or take a pic of mine did you? :D
    Not again! Is that because you told who Santa is and where you let him stay? :p
    ^^ when i meant gone i meant my belly will be bulging as i put on about 10-14lbs over christmas!!!
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