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  • I am good today, had a few heated words with the chef at work but it did not last Why do the chefs i always know have such short tempers! You just have to put them back in their place!
    My friend as been to visit today, i am so proud of her, just passed her degree in social work.
    Spoke to Russell on the phone we had such a laugh!, seeing him on Thursday xx
    I saw what you wrote on Jalu's page. I did NOT!!!! :D But I give you permission now, lay those paws on!! ;)
    Thanx for the advice mate, it feels good to talk to you about it.
    Yes you are so right, i like him a lot but do have the feelings he his not for me, which i feel very sad about...Anyhow i have decided to just slow things down a bit and to see if these feelings i am having are just my own negative feelings from the past getting in the way!...Sigh i will keep you upto date....thanx again mate xxx
    Hi Anneliese
    How're things?
    There are some new, right-side-up pix of my cats in my album, if you want to browse through.
    Not sure. I like him but i just have a strange feeling!...that he his not for me which makes me feel sad because i don't know why i feel this way. But i do really like him...i think hehehe oh dear!
    We have only been dating three weeks but its starting to feel ...i don't know how i feel! AAarrrgghhhhh!!
    That's a good way to be - stubborn :) I'm not even that in an argument. I give in. :)

    Got to go now perhaps catch you later, have a good day.
    I have just had lunch, feel a bit better physically but at a loss to know what to do with my new relationship! xx
    I would not have guessed that English was not your first language. Well done at learning it! I am so impressed.
    Je suis bien, merci.
    La souris est sous la table. (It isn't because there isn't a mouse here but I am very limited and for some reason they taught me this phrase at school.)
    If you get the chance to get a French magazine and read that it's a fun way of learning. I was surprised how much I understood, or alternately I just made up from the photos and knowing what women's magazines write about. It's more fun than a text book!
    Au revoir.
    Bon jour Ann. Comment sava?
    Ok almost exhausted the extent of my French now. Are you going to learn the language? It is very sexy. ;)
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