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  • Hi Halyna

    Sounds exhausting! But good for you, we are proud of you for sticking with what you believe.
    I hope you do enjoy this new chapter in your life, and I hope we will all be able to be a source of joy, strength and comfort to you here!

    Hi there sisters,

    Lots of love from you guys, without the love energy i could not have got through this awful period in my life.

    thanks for your support.
    i finally gave my lawyer a mouthful about her trying to manipulate me. i did not budge, you would have been proud of me. i stuck to what i believed in and got what i wanted.
    i sent her packing afte she did do as i told her to.
    we are finished here for a while now,
    It cost us a pretty penny but i got my message across to my husband and to the lawyers.
    Unacceptable behaviour is just not acceptable.
    I faced it head on, did not go into denial and sweep things under the carpet, took action and it worked.
    Nopw we are going home to Perth on sunday night, cleaning up the place, putting it on the market and sellinhg other assets off so I can return to melbourne and buy my own house near my very ailing mother.
    there are a few things i have to sort out in Hong kong ,and shanghai, then visit my daughter in London in august and see my grandchildren, then back to Oz to scout for a new house here.

    I'm actually looking forwad to the next new chapte in my life in my relationship.
    My I ching, the ancient book of chinese wisdom says that I have been through a revolution and this is a turning point.

    Day One is tomorrow, as it all ended with the lawyers today.

    love and pace to you all who supported me.
    today i have an important meeting with my lawyer who is introducing me to another lawyer as she is moving away from Melb.
    she has given me advice which i refuse to take, and will try to talk me into taking this matte further which goes against my spiritual beliefs and reconciliation, forgiveness and regeneration for my family, so i got up really early thismorning 1t 5 am , prayed to God for what i want and psyche myself up to attend the meeting onmy terms,nt my lawyers terms.
    i know that god is holding my hand through this and as longas i remember who i am, and what I'm all about and stick to my guns, no lawyer is going to manipulate or entrap me.
    It will be a friendly meeting, I will listen to her advice, then state my stance, does the family law in this country include contrition, forgiveness, and reconciliation, beacuse the stance i'm coming from , the sacraments of mychurch offer human beings all that, it will be spiritual law over man made law, but not in an antagonistic way.
    i mean for all this to end today and to give her a letter stating i want her to do things my way and bring matters to a close as soon as possible.
    that's the strenght of my faith.
    I believe this is God's will for me.
    My husband is contrite, repentant and is willing to havecounselling.
    i have forgiven me, he has asked for my forgiveness, we love each other, and i can see though the dysfunction to the ral man that he is, given the opportunity to heal and have counselling to get rid of the dyfunction he is a good man and i wan't to give God the chance to do his work where human beings intheir frailty and limitations have failed.
    i do believe in miracles.
    thank yu,

    lots of encouragement as you face the teenage years. We need to pray for our teenagers, there are a lot of pressures on them out there as well as a war going on inside them due to raging hormonal changes.it is really difficult for them too.

    Godd be with yu and your daughter.
    thank you,
    Well, that is what lawyers get paid for! The more complicated they make things, the more money they get.
    Things here are pretty smooth, considering that my daughter is 13 and has all that teenage stuff going on...
    Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Getting better by the day but the lawyers always want to take over and do things their way which make things much more costly and more complicated.
    love you, keep in touch, hope all is well with you too.
    Hi Halyna

    I hope you are well - just stopped by to make friends and give support.
    I will also send you lots of good thoughts and prayers. I know you have a lot of strength and a lot of faith.

    Thank you so much.
    It's getting better by the day.
    Lots of work though. for it is not ordinary enemies i have but the principalities of darkness, so i have to harness the forces of light daily , wear my Armour of God, the Belt of Truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the helpmet of salvation, the good news of peace for my footgear, faith as my shield , and the word of God, the gospel, for my spear, to ward off the fiery darts of darkness.Light overcomes darkness. but one has to keep up the vigilance, with the armour of God i am given strength and courage.
    thankyou , yu are my friends that give me courage. with your love I go forth and walk the walk of Light . I embrace you my girls from steven's site.
    Halkush (Halyna)
    Hi Halkush

    I just stopped by to visit your page and say hi, hope today is a good day for you.

    Dear Tigerfeet,

    lovely of you to post a note of encouragement to me.
    It's all in the pipeline and going smoothly right now, i pray a lot and have faith that god will give me a happy outcome, a successful one.Meanwhile it's the waiting that's hard. got to have faith and patience.
    love and best wishes,
    Hi Halkush

    Just stopped by to say Hi and hope all is going well for you.
    I am guessing the lawyers might have something to do with something you mentioned in a message... hope it is not getting nasty and/or traumatic...
    And, how are you enjoying your new home??
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