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  • Okay. I just finished answering Sues PM and read your new PM to me. I will answer it later, after I get up. Okay? I am exhausted and need to try and get some sleep. I want to answer your 2nd letter to me, since I have so much to say to you about what we are discussing...but I need to try and get some rest, before my children wake up; even if I don't sleep...LOL!

    Love Always Your Sister, Stacey/Eagle
    (On Wings Of An Eagle)....
    I have to go out for a massage nowk, we got a new spa in the neigbourhood and we are checking it out. it is 3.15 pm right now in Hong Kong and raining cats and dogs,
    love you and your family,
    You must be posting but I will wait a few minutes before I answer Sue's PM, then if I don't hear from you, I will have to hurry and answer her PM so I can go to bed and TRY to get some sleep. I am exhausted from walking outside, today, and playing with my children But am too excited about the Concert next week. Believe it or not, me excited....LOL!
    Hi Halyna! I just finished answering your letter, and was going to answer Sues letter, but wanted to see who was here, first before I answer Sue and then try getting some sleep. TRY, LOL! It is now 2 AM. Nice to see you on here!
    Hi Stacey,
    it's nice to know you are online here at the same timel It's 2.20 pm friday here in Hong kOng.Weather is sunny and hot. I also didn't get much sleep last night, my daughter rang me at 1.30 am in the morning with a crisis and I then stayed up all night writing her a response, phoning her. wish she lived close by.
    Have never gotten used to the fact that she travelled and chose to love so far away from me. Has been gone 3 years now, though i visit her and her children every year I still have long gaps of not seeing tham, though emails and phoning helps it's not the same. I'm very close to my daughter and feel her pain , her ups and downs so it's hard.
    I guess you are posting something so I will chat with you later. I was just fixing to go to bed. I am so exhausted. I just wanted to check post quickly, before going to bed. I really am extremely tired...I have done a lot this week....sorry I missed you...Take care my Sister! I hope you have a blessed day and I am greatful that you recovered from passing out....I hope I can participate in Ti Chi. I really thought it was safe, and would help me with my health. Sorry to hear about your Mother!!! I will keep her in my prayers....Take care an see you later....

    Lube-lue-vahs Ya Sis-stah, Eagle/Stacey
    Hi My Sister, It is so good to see you here at the same time as me. It is a miracle I'm even here right now because I'm so exhausted after not getting much sleep 5 days in a row and having company twice this week.... How are you?
    Hi Halyna
    I see now why you fainted, poor you holding your breath too long. I know on some yoga videos I've used they tell you to 'keep breathing' now I see the importance of that!
    I am unfit too, the most exercise I do these days is a bit of walking and I really should do more. I hope you are getting on well with pilates, I think that is quite difficult to do and it is little movements but work the muscles hard?
    I think I'll log off here and take a long route to the post box to send the letters that have been sitting on the side for a few days. I'll plug my music in my ears and see if I can keep moving for an hour - what's the betting I'll be back her in 10 minutes when it starts raining?
    Hi Halayna! I read you chat post to me and I will send you a PM, tomorrw. I have way too much to tell you and answer you back on/respond to, right now....and don't have enough time right now to do it justice....I'll just say, I knew I could relate to you so much, for some reason. Now I Know all the reasons. The more we communicate, the more I see.... We are sisters of a Kindred Spirit, like Sue too!!! I will say Yall have become Dear sisters to me!

    I have company coming tomorrw and I am plum exhausted!!! So I will answer you back some time tomorrow, since I need rest now and will have to be gone from here Most all tomorrow. I have way to much to tell you, for such short time,now....I will check in before my company gets here tomorrow, but will not be able to stay on her for long.

    I could litterally end up writing you and Sue a book...LOL! But I will not do that to either of you! LOL! Not at one time, any way. LOL! Take care and I hope you have such a Blessed night!

    I Love You and Your Family, too! Thank you for being my Sister!

    Love Always Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    Hi Halayna

    I just read in one of your posts that you fainted in a Tai Chi class. Are you ok? I've seen Tai Chi and tried a version of it and it seems quite gentle but powerful exercise. I would ask how it could make you faint but I've fainted sitting down before.

    I hope you are well.
    That is Amazing, Halyna! You are so gifted at remembering so much detailed history and know so many languages!!! I truly wish you were my blood sister! You are so smart and have such a beautiful heart. I feel sad for all your ansestors who went through all those years of brutial torture & hardship but I am very happy your Parents survived and that we are all so blessed to meet you here! Thank you so much for sharing what you have with me!!!! I will definately look for both the movie and the book, you spoke of. I have that movie, "The King and I", with Yul Breaner. It is good, but has sad parts too, that really make me cry...Yes, I am one of thoes, who really get into movies, as if I'm there in person and cry at times, with certain deeply emotional scenes in a movie.... But you know what, it is a proven fact, that crying is also part of a healing process and that it really does cleans our soul and body....

    I really am learning challenged and it is a miracle I can even learn and understand the things that I do. When I do study & read, which I love to as much as I can, it is sometimes difficult for me to understand or learn at first reading....etc. But I want you to know you have made this Brief History of Ukrainia so easy for me to read & understand. You definately have a gift for teaching History at a College/University PhD+ level!!!! This history of Ukrainia, is All so facinating to me.

    The story of your mother really inspires me!!!! I know what my children and I are going through is little to nothing, compared to what your mother & other family members have gone through, but the oppression is still the same in many regards....An oppressive controling spirt is the same in every nationality-with no prejudice of location.... Your mothers courage to overcome all odds against her, against your family and your family's Nation of Ukrainian peoples, Truly is inspiring to one who faces MUCH hardship.... Not many understad; But when I write a book about it one day and talk to MANY Groups, They will finally understand the devestating Truth about Oppressive Mind Controling attacks and abuse within, as well as the effects of being learning challenged.... There are degress of abuse and degress of being learning challenged, too, that Many do not understand.... One day I will find a way to either bring peace into the situation or we will find peace by leaving the situation. Either way, we will overcome in the Right Time and in the right way, for what ever my purpose is in life. In the meantime, it is helping me to grow and change for the better; at least I would hope and pray so, with all my heart! I never ever want to be cruel, hateful or lack compassion for others....(there are exceptions...but dealing with a situation in defense is not hatred...only protection....with wisdom...like the Bible says, there is a time and a season for everything)... We may not like to fight, but sometimes we have to, only when necessary for protection....Not every situation is the exact same, so each situation must be delt with differently, due to varying factors.... (I like Brue Lee's saying about "We learn to fight, so we don't have to fight") something like that.... Enough of that.

    That is So Amazing! You are SO Blessed to be able to speak some or all of those languages fluently....and to have a truly Beautiful family, with so many nationalities. Although I have never seen you and your family, I know you have a Beautiful family with a Beautiful heart!!! Any sufferings you and your family may have had, did not spoil/contaminate you and make you bitter or angery towards others....that in itself is so beautiful.

    I need to go for now. I have to get up early. I will check a few post then go to sleep. Shay-Shay Knee-(Mandarian)/Doh-moh More-e-gaht-toe-(Japanese)/Bal-shoy Speh-cee-buh(Russian), Helyna, for being my friend! Yeh-sue I-Knee(Mandarian)/E-Soos Lue-bite Tea-bare(Russian)!!! Wahn-Ahn(Mandarin)/Spi-cone-in Ne Noh-cheh, Peh-kah(Russian)!

    Yoh Oh-chin Lube-lue Vahs, Men-yah Sis-tarah(Russian), I knee my Sister(Mandarin-but can't remember how to say "my Sister", in Mandarin).

    Love Always Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    Love you for keeping in touch, it's 2 o' clock in the afternoon here in Hong kOng, the weather is utrid, hot, wet and humid, went through a typhoon last week, have been doing a lot of sleeping and getting fat.
    cot my computer back on sunday night thank God, went through awful withdrawals.
    I'll write bac late Heather, got to go right now, Husband calling me to go to the aco****ants office to do some sighning of accounts to hand to the tax dept. can't make the tax man angry.
    will sighn in later. i think adelaide is about 2 hours ahead? am I right. it's betther than trying to communicate with people on the other side of the worldm I negver know what time it is.
    Keep well and safe, love your "Power Play" story, have to lagh at some of yur posts on the thread "We love you Steven Seagal.

    see ya for now.
    Hi girl just thought i would drop in for an few minutes..wont be long no when iam welcome here when iam not but thats ok..hows everything going?.. good health to you Halyna..
    Hi Helyna! I'm so glad you are back. Sorry for misunderstanding about that. I Thought Ukrain was part of Russia. Forgive my some-what-ignorance of geography. Is the Ukrain part of the Baltic States, like where friends of mine are from, in Regia Latvia? Also, from what you told me, is the Ukrainian language different from Russian language, Just like in Latvia; and that you speak Ukrainian, Russian and English like my friends speak Latvian, Russian and English? That is Awesome that you speak THREE languages, fluently!!! I wish I was that smart to learn all the languages I so long to learn!!! I guess instead of trying to communicate with you in Russian, I should learn Ukrainian. Yes/Dah? If so, please teach me how to say a few things in Ukraininan, until I can get some Ukrainian language learning resource materials. That would be so nice. When I was in my 20's I always wanted to visit Regia, Latvia, parts of Bellaruse and Kavrave, Russia. I use to wish I could live there, too. Everyone I have ever met from there, has always made me feel like I was part of their family. Always so Deeply kind and loving; Just like you, my sister, and I thank you for that, too!

    That is wonderful that you already have nice parties and get-togethers with you mother & her friends, with all traditional homeland cooking. See, we do think alike, LOL! I know that is what is helping Your mother stay so well, at her age; Your mom being so active and you being so supportive of her and helping her the way you do. Besides being a blessing to others when cooking and serving meals, it is such a blessing to help give them joy, with love. It is a proven medical fact, that joy/happiness/love is like a medicine and much stress & much sadness causes sickness by wearing down ones immunity, within the body.... If you can keep joy, even in the midst of adversity & hardship it helps you to overcome all odds and helps ones body to heal faster....That is a scientifically-proven medical fact. That is why I always believe in treating my guest like royalty. I love to wait on people hand and foot, being a hostess, helping them be happy. I try, any way, because I know how important it is, to do so and because I love them with family love.

    We had company over today, technically yesterday, on Monday. I stayed up all night till 6AM cleaning and cooking. Then I woke up at 10:30 AM-Monday, got up at 10:40AM, went to the grocery store, cooked and cleaned more and set up the table with my best dinnerware & gold silverware and best wine-dinner glasses that have a black flute that matches my dinner plates. That is why I wasn't on here, much, today(Monday). Then I had to clean a lot after everyone left. I am exhausted now, and will go to bed soon. I have to try and get SOME sleep. LOL!

    How was your trip to Hong Kong? I hope it was a pleasant one and that you avoided the storms that hit Tiawan first, then came inland to Hong Kong. At least you were safe, and I am thankful for that! We all missed you, while you were gone and are glad you are back.

    I need to check a few post, now and then go straigt to bed. I really really Need some sleep. Hope you have a Blessed night!

    Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    Hi Halkush how are you girl?.. hope everything is working out for you..did you hear the layest iam surposed to have an bloke ? too funny if i have an secret admirer i hate to tell him but i aint interested...
    Zdrastvuitye, Helyna! Dobraye ootra! Kak vy pazheevaetye? Kagdah mnye virnyotsa? Katoriy chahs? Sichahs dyevit' chasof (PM), vot. Ya padazhditye paka.

    Lubelue Vhas Mnye Sistru!
    Hi Halyna! Zstahtz-weatz-e-uh! Kahg-Dill-lah? I just saw on the weather channel, that a storm hit Tiawan and is now lingering over Hong Kong. I pray you will be safe and still have a nice time, on your journey, there. I sent you a PM today, and answered your chat box message in my chat box. You may have to search several pages back to find it.

    Take care and talk to you later. Dahs-vee-dahn-yuh! Yo Gah-vah-ree-tea Pea-kah! Yo Oh-chin Lube-lue-vahs Sistrah!

    Love Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
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