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  • Hi Halyna!!

    Good to see you back!! What would we be doing without a phone and internet?? I can't image!! Interesting life you are living!! I have traveled alot too, to Germany, Hawaii twice and I have seen alot of the USA, different states.I also lived in different states, because my late husband was in the service.
    I didn't mind moving every 2 -3 years, except I didn't like leaving the good friends that I made.I still keep in touch with some of them!! Some people you just don't forget, no matter where you are!!

    Take care

    Love ya

    Hi Halyna!

    Always remember that some of the greatest lessons you will ever learn come from those who lived it and are still around to tell of it! So listen to them for their stories aren't in any book you will ever read. Their stories are the ones that have lived and passed on to you!

    Love ya

    Zstahz-Wheats-Ze-Uh Halyna! Kahg Dill-lah? Yo O-Chin Hah-Tuh-Shoh, Spa-Cee-Buh! Yo Yan-Iz-Nile O-Chin Pye-Rusky, only Nim-Noh-Guh Pye-Rusky. I sure Wish I knew more. I know the Grammer may be a little off there, but I am piecing together words I know, how they make since in English. At least SOME of it, is correct Russian Grammer...LOL! It still makes sense to me.... I hope it does to you.... I sure wish I knew more Russian... Like I said one time before, when I have a chance, I will study more with the help of some very nice Russian ladies in town...I met at the post office, from Russia.... To me, it is the same way...When I meet people from Russia and can speak to them in Russian Or Deaf People in American Sign Language (the Only language- hand language, I am fluent in), I get so excited - filled with Joy, deep in my heart.... But it does make me sad, though, that I don't know more than I do, in Russian... There isn't enogh time to learn ALL the languages I want to learn... If I were a computer, I could learn them...LOL! Although I want to learn a lot of languages almost desperately so, I would never want to be a computer! LOL!!!

    You are so Blessed, to be able to speak in Russian Every Day with your Mom and her friends.... So Cool! More like, Awesome!

    I took Seairra to the Bluebonnet Swamp today, for 2 hours. I got the attention of the baby aligators, when I made a baby aligator sound and almost sang a lizard to sleep, after talking to it. The lizared actually turned it's head and listened to me. That was so neat.

    Afterwards, we went to a Park that is 20 minutes from our house, where they were having horse riding competitions. We watched the horse show a few minutes and then pet some of the horses, before leaving to go to the playground area. When petting some of the horses, one of them even gave me a horse hug, twice. That was such a sweet horse. Seairra loved petting the horses, too... We really had a Nice Day, a Mother/Daughter "Girls-Time-Together, Day.... NO BOYS, So More Peace!!! LOL!!!

    Thank you for the prayers, for my son! They are so greatly appreciated! Hope you have a Blessed Day, My Sister!

    Love Always Your Sister, Eagle/Stacey
    Hi Halyna

    Thank you for that kind message. It is so sweet, I think my sisters on this site bring out the best in me (although sometimes the worst of the naughty side too! :D) I feel a little overwhelmed by what you say just from reading my posts, I did wonder if you had got me confused with someone else :) I like to think of myself as supportive and everything but what we think of ourselves and what others think of us can be such different things. That is why it was so nice to read what you had written about me. I'm going to print that out and stick it to my wall to help me keep focused on the good things in life.

    Thank you Halyna and may you have a beautiful day.
    Hey Sis,

    Thank you for the nice message!! I think you are a very nice ,warm and wise person and I am glad I got to know you!!

    Good luck on your new chapter in your life!!

    Hope everything you are wishing for is coming your way!!

    Take care!!
    Love ya

    Hi Halkush sorry i didnt get back to you sooner iam ok i surpose other then an bit tired..i will be on school holidays after friday for two weeks hopefully get back to my story..
    Hi there, It took a few seconds but i figured what you were saying in Russian.
    Good Evening, goodbye, bless god, Jesus christ loves you,Love you stser, eagle/stacy.
    How wonderufl that you can communicate with me in russian countryEagle Stacey, i'm thrilled. Not often do I get a chance to con verse in russian. Only in Melbourne with my mother's friends.
    How lovely you are that you remember me. I'm touched.
    god is great that he send me beautiful souls like yourself.
    I hope you son gets the correct diagnosis so he wil get the right treatment. Like yourself , he is touched by god and by angels.
    Stay well and happy CountryEagle Stacey. i love your name.
    I guess you are busy so I will chat with you later.

    Spi-cone-nin Neh-Noh-Cheh, Dahs-Vee-Dahn-yuh, Peh-kah! Bogah-lah-slah-veet! E-Soos Lue-bit Tee-bear!!!
    Lube-Lue Vahs Sis-stah, Eagle/Stacey
    Hi Halkush! R U There? I can chat for a few minutes. I finally figured out how to tell if any of my friends are on here, at the same time as me.
    I love your thoughts on forgiveness Michelle.
    so true too.
    I have to be willing to forgive and ask God to give me the grace to move towards forgiveness.
    even if I'm not ready to forgive, it is a spiritual law, to forgive is to set myself free and move towards healing.
    Not to forgive is to be in bondage , caught in the karma of sin.
    i so love my husband.
    but could not live with his dysfunction.
    Now there is a chance for both of us to heal, as we forgive with a contrite heart.
    love yu
    Someone once said to me that forgiveness is a journey, not a single act. And it is not always a journey where you are moving forwards.I have found that to be true, in cases where the hurt is great. I think too that it is harder to forgive where there is not love.
    Love can withstand all things, and loving someone is often a big part in forgiving. It isn't a necessary precondition, but it helps in the process. Some days it is easier to forgive than others.
    Just some thoughts I thought I would pass on.
    Thank you Annaliese,

    It means a lot to me to receive support from you and the gals on steven's site.

    We are entering a new chapter, a new lease on life, a new beginning, all made possible by the sacraments of contrition , forgiveness, renewal, and regeneration.

    Spiritual Law over man made laws. If I had followed my laywers advice we would be fighting for the next 2 years, lost huge maounts of money and nerves and the whole thing would have ended in acrimonious racket feelings , enough to last a lifetime.
    this is now a turning point as we both face God with contrition, confession,and love for God and each other in renewed behaviours.

    Love and Peace to you all , you wonderful girls on this site.
    It has been exhausting dear Sue,

    Thank you so much for your note of support.

    I learned through many personal development courses that gave me the strength to go into action rather than sit around and moan and complain year after year.
    Yes it has cot me financialy but in the end, the end result was that My husband knows I mean business and won't take abuse anymore.

    Nothing else would have taught him a lesson, he loves me and now has to act like it.
    he had a taste of what life would be like without me.
    i had a taste of what life would be like without him, but not the old personality, he has to change if ne wants to keep me.

    he has mad an about face confession, declaration of wanting to go into counselinbg and so far, so good. we have started really a new chapter in our lives, it will be good, i feel it in my gut and bones.

    thanks for the support. I love you gals so much. never thought i'd get such love and supprt on this site, see what loving Steven Seagal emits. It's his aura of healing I'm sure.

    love and peace
    Hi Halyana, I haven't stopped by your page for a while and so much has been added!

    You have been through a lot, I don't know the details but it sounds emotionally exhausting as well as financially draining. Well done on sticking to your guns with the lawyers! They are supposed to be there to help you and act on your wishes so I'm glad you made sure it happened that way. I wish you much happiness in this new chapter in your life!

    I have been reading the thread where you say you would like to write your mother's story. I hope you do get the chance to some day, moving closer to her should help. I hope you find a lovely home that feels just right for you.

    take care
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