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irish coleen

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  • I'm glad you changed this picture back IC, can always drop in here for a fix of that smile! :)
    This was when men used to look like 'proper' men !!! Just like Steven Seagal - --------- just don't make them anymore like him of course !!(except Chef of course!) Any comments from the male population ??? And what do the women folk think about this !!
    Hi IC,

    Yes put a beard on that and a big smile and there you go. That was very special for you to find that. Thanks alot.


    Hi IC,

    I just got a haircut had to cut back the thick curly chestnut brown hair for my interview. I used just for men beard color to take a little grey out of the beard(so I would look a little younger) seem the World want younger men) I need to let you know I have the same measurments as Charles Atlas god rest his soul. I am about two inches taller. I started the Charles Atlas study when I was 14 years old so even though I got bigger I was very stong. Some of the principals of Charles Atlas as like SS. If you google Charles Atlas you can see a picture of him and I look a little like him only taller with a beard.

    I guess I am saying this so SS can use some of us members in His films especially if we look like Kings and Queens.

    Let it be written Sir James long lost Irishman. Perhaps a royal out of country?

    Hey IC,

    Do you see the picture above that is alittle what I look like butwith a beard and Irish/Italian features. So I am smiling becaues you are great. I hope you can keep that happy feeling.

    I would speak slowly until you setttled down. Then I would wait for you to calm then we would begin our talk.
    Gracefully I can only say at least it is over for another few months - Just watch come
    February, March or April there will be someone starting to aim for the next one in four years and to be honest two solid years of wasted money on this one it just a bit much. Just think of the places all those millions of $$ could have been spent other than campaigning....
    I like the photos in your album IC you have a good collection there and that smiling one is simply the best!

    Glad to hear Lucky is fitting in, keep me updated on his/her progress please kittens are soooooo cute! And look for mischief now who does that remind me of? :)
    Hi Jim
    I want to say Congratulations to you and all my friends in the USA on the election of your new President. God Bless you all. Love from Coleen.
    Hi IC,

    Now you are feeling better with the coffee and hug attitude adjustment. I hear chocolate is favored here and so it shall be. We will cover all stawberries and any other delights you may desire with dark chocolate because that is the best for you.

    Sir James
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