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  • I am good!!:)

    All rested up and ready to go!!:D Had a great time, the weather wasn't great the first couple of days but it cleared up after!!
    Hi tSpoons ,this is Lutje and your foto is realy nice
    are how you i hope very good,, you look so jong.
    Hey Tina, good to see you!!

    Hope your trip wasn't too bad and you had "some" fun!!

    Take care!!:)
    Hi Tina
    I'm good thanks, I'm staying at my parent's house for a few days so it's like a mini holiday for me and giving me a chance to catch up with friends I haven't seen in years. I'm having a good time and I'm that insane I've just written a postcard for my parents of my holiday! It's a good job they already know I'm mad.
    Your cruise certainly sounds like an experience. You description of it made me laugh and I'm still smiling, we all have to do these things and come out as better people. I am so glad that you got on well with your colleagues, nice to know that you can pull together well when the pressure is on.
    What's the next thing you've got planned? :D
    Like your new avatar, not the classic flute playing stance :) Looks very relaxed.

    So where is the report on your cruise?

    Nice to see you back here. :)
    You know we are all waiting to hear how this cruise thing went - you'll have to leave a report in Sea Gals for all of us to read!
    I'm hoping things are going well on your cruise.
    Sending you good thoughts.
    Only a week and a bit, that's not long.
    I hope you have a great time off.
    Thank you for the friend add, im Martin by the way nice too meet you, i see you also have a interest in languages which is good.

    Have a lovley evening

    The great British summer! Raincoats are a must! :D
    I'm fine thanks. How long until your two weeks off? Are you going away anywhere?
    Hi, how are you doing? Have you got any sunshine down there? It's all cloud and drizzle here.
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