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Inside 'Songs From The Crystal Cave'


Inside my Songs from the crystal cave CD "container" there is a poster whit Steven on + his guitar, and a atoghraph, I wounder If he wrote that signature of his by him selfe or just a machine? :O
whisperer;194940 said:
they are prints of his original signature for the all the cds, he can't sit and autograph every cd
Well obviously. I think the question was more whether the prints were actually of his signature, or if the signature had been done by someone other than Seagal.
Be cool to have his real, actual signature though, especially since that would probably mean you had met him in person. :)

irish coleen

Steve's Lucky Charm
Lucky you, well done ! I actually missed out on that concert, I was gutted, to say the least ! Is there any plans I wonder for further tours, especially in London or Dublin ???? It would be something to look forward to !!!!!!
If he is planning a new CD (see Some News thread!), then maybe he is planning a new tour too? We can always hope!
Maybe this time he'll come to Victoria, although if I have the money it would not be hard to convince me to go to Vancouver, or possibly Seattle.

irish coleen

Steve's Lucky Charm
Yeah - I have been following the new threads and maybe indeed you are right - he shall be promoting his CD ! You have cheered me up lots on this very stormy day in Ireland !!
I see him in concert in Brussels,and he whas great,he is a realy good singer and fantastic musian,he playing very good gitaar ,and he is a very great actor to,he
making very fantastic action movies and he is a very nice lovely man.


Well-Known Member
Steven's Music - Don't you Cry

The song Don't you Cry is so calming, so Zen....if I have had a bad day, I put that song on "repeat" on my CD player at night...and drift off to sleep listening to his gentle and reassuring voice


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TheDean!;206203 said:
It is indeed, but it's still brilliant. I'd say don't You Cry is fairly sad too
Agreed. BUT, in Don't You Cry....he's like...."I'll be here forever..."
in Better Man....he's like "Go on girl, find you a Better Man..."

At least in the first song...he's still kinda there for you...

In the latter song...he's like... Ok,take care now, because I won't be taking care of you anymore

You dig? ;)